City State of Astor Christiania

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City State of Astor Christiania


Island of Ireland
Capital cityRoyal Quarter
Official language(s)English, Irish, Nemkhav
Official religion(s)Catholicism
- KingMarka of Astor Christiania
LegislatureAstor Christiania City Council
EstablishedJuly 31st 2009 (as Astor Impora)
CurrencyNemkhav Mark
Time zoneUTC

The City State of Astor Christiania (Nkh: Stajastor Astor Christianija)was a State of the Nemkhav Federation. It held dual status as the capital city of the Federation and a State in its own right. Created by the amalgamation of the city of Astor Impora and the Central Nemkhav Republic, the city state was the cultural and historical home of the Federation. The city was home to the official residence of the President of the Federation, the Old Palace of Nemkhavia.

As the heir to the legacy of Astor Impora, the city had been steeped in Nemkhav history, having been the home of many of the largest events in Nemkhav history.


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The city state was founded on the 30th of September 2011, by the amalgamation of what had been the Nemkhav nation's cultural and political centre of Astor Impora, and the Central Nemkhav Republic. The Republic, which had been a federal State of the Federation had been lying idle for some time. Since the borders of the city and the state were for all intents and purposes essentially the same, the latter only served an administrative purpose. Lacking in its own distinct culture since the founding of the Second Federation, the CNR had fallen to the wayside as the capital, Astor Impora, took on more importance. As the Federation grew, it became more and more apparent that this arrangement would not be able to last indefinitely.

The President of the Central Nemkhav Republic, Lord Mejakhansk, who also served as the de-facto mayor of Astor Impora had been ruling both areas in their different incarnations since the founding of Nemkhavia in July 2009. With the expansion of the Federation reaching new heights, the destiny of the capital came into more importance as the city became a symbol of federal unity. The decision to merge the two jurisdictions into one was made by Marka Mejakhansk in order to give the Astor Impora a new status. In discussing the decision with the micronational press, the Earl made his case for the change thus: "the name 'Astor Impora' has become more than just a name for bricks and mortar - it is the capital of the Nemkhav idea. We will keep this name for when we have a city of our own creation, however far into the future that might be".


The city state was located on the slopes of the Wicklow Mountains in eastern Ireland. It is two-thirds green grassland and one third development. The climate is temperate, and the city experiences a high level of rainfall and wind due to the exposed hill-side nature of the location. Recent years have seen an increase in snowfall during the Winter months and a large increase in temperature during the summer. The land beneath the city is prone to freezing and ice buildup can often be a problem. High winds can often damage the city, often causing damage to the city's small area of forest.


The city state was a State of the Nemkhav Federation, operating as an absolute monarchy. Being both a city and a state in its own right, Astor Christiania uses a mixture of state and local government positions.


The King was the leader of the city state, combining the roles of Head of State, Head of Government and Mayor into one position. This person wielded supreme executive authority within the city and also represented it as a state at the Federal Assembly of Nemkhavia. Due to the small population of the city, the King was an absolute monarch - i.e.: he/she rules unopposed. The position of King is hereditary, with the King’s family functioning as a sort of royal house for the city. The position could be held by a man or woman, and there is no limit on how long a person may serve in the office. The holder of the office is bound by Nemkhav Federation law at all times, and thus cannot inflict harm on his/her own citizens. This was a legal framework designed to prevent abuse of office.

City Council

The City Council is the de-facto legislature of the city state, appointed by the King. The Council members, given the title of "Minister", are appointed to the various different areas which need to be supervised in order for the city to run smoothly.


Astor Christiania prides itself as a beacon of "high culture". Much emphasis is placed on the performing arts and academia, with musical instruments being at the very heart of society. There is also a very high emphasis placed on the family and religion, with family activities playing a central role in the life of the nation.


Music is very popular pastime for many citizens of the city-state, and for some it provides a career. The Conservatory of Music, based in the north of the city, is the centre of all musical activities and is home to a wide variety of instruments and manuscript. A high percentage of the city's inhabitants have a reasonable degree of musical knowledge, and learning a musical instrument is generally encouraged from an early age. In the Royal Library, works of musical art by composers such as Mozart, Mussorgsky, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff are kept along with transcripts of modern works and original pieces.


Catholic Christianity is the overarching religion the city state. There is a high observance of Catholic religious events, with Sunday service playing a large role in family life across the state. It has been noted that while there is a high position given to Christianity, Astor Christiania remains a very open society with a large emphasis placed on personal interpretations of religion.


Family plays a huge role in society in the city, with family time being given priority. Sunday is generally set aside by citizens of the city to spend with family, usually but not always incorporating religious worship.