Citizen's Republic of Kaalistan

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Citizen's Republic of Kaalistan

Toivoa parasta (Finnish: Hope for the best)
coming soon
Kerguelen Archipelago
Capital cityNew Oulu
Largest citynone
Official language(s)English, Finnish
Official religion(s)any
Short nameKaalistan
GovernmentSocialist Republic
- Mayor of New Oulunone
- Speaker (of the Parliament)Mr. Bradway
Area claimedapprox. 158
Currencynone so far
Time zone(UTC +5)
National sportfour-square
National animalKerguelen Shag
Patron saintnone
This nation is a member of the Kerguelen Agreement Pact

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The Citizen's Republic of Kaalistan is a micronation founded on June 21, 2013. It claims land in the Kerguelen Archipelago, in accordance with the Kerguelen Agreement Pact, of which Kaalistan is a founding member.


Kaalistan is composed of two elements: Kaali means cabbage in Finnish, as Kerguelen is somewhat famous for its eponymous cabbage. The adage “-stan” means land.


The history of Kaalistan began with two events. The first was the founder Bradway’s obsession with Kerguelen, when he realized that there was a fairly large island in a remote part of the world where seemingly anyone could start their own new country. The second was meeting his future wife, who is half-Finnish, sparking another obsession, as Finnish is a beautiful language and was the inspiration for Quenya, an Elven language created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Founding member of the KAP

Kaalistan's founder, Bradway, had worked since the inception of Kaalistan to ensure a stable and useful future for the Kerguelen Archipelago, and as such created the Kerguelen Agreement Pact. On June 24, 2013, it went into effect, with Kaalistan and Kosko-Iberria the first signees.

Government and politics

Kaalistan is a representative democracy akin to the senate of the Roman republic. In its constitution, most governmental power is anchored in the Kaalistani Parliament, which has the power to designate people to be in charge if certain governmental aspects. The head of government is the Speaker of the Parliament, who is elected by its members every year.

Law and order

There is no need for an armed force in Kaalistan as of yet. Policing duties fall to the Parliament.

Foreign relations

With the creation of the Kerguelen Agreement Pact, Kaalistan has taken its first steps into the world of micronational diplomacy.

Geography and climate

The climate in the Kerguelen Archipelago is rather rough, with high winds and low-temperatures. However, the seas surrounding the archipelago remain ice-free year round.


Plans are being made for Kaalistan to become an alternative energies powerhouse on Kerguelen.


Kaalistan recognizes that living on Kerguelen poses certain problems, especially depression due to the isolation, and the harsh climate. Many feasts, festivals, and holidays occur during the year in Kaalistan. The national dish of Kaalistan is Bacon, as well as a tuna pineapple noodle salad called Riitasaalatti.


Currently, the Kaalistan Herald is the sole news outlet of the country.

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