Chrothonian Empire

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Elite Empire of Chrothonia

Dominus regnabit in aeternum
Rheingau Taunus Kreis County, Germany
Capital cityChrothos
Largest cityChrothos
Official language(s)English, Germanic, French, Chrothonian
Short nameChrothonia
- Lord AdmiralHis Lordship Joshua I
- First MinisterRichard I
LegislatureChrothonian High Council
- Type - Unicameral
Area claimedclassified
CurrencyChrothonian Crown
Time zoneGMT +1
National sportBasketball
National dishAdobo
National animalAsian Small-Clawed Otter
Patron saintSaint Anthony of Padua

Crothonia, officially The Elite Empire of Crothonia, or more commonly referred to as The Crothonian Empire (Latin: Imperii Chrothonia) is a self-declared sovereign state (also known as “Micronation”) that claims all of Europe and Asia. It is an absolute monarchy and recognizes 22 official citizens, two of which reside within the nation itself.


The name is derived from the English word “core”. A common theory to this is that the name is meant to signify the Empire’s presence at the center of the universe, as told in ancient Chrothonian mythology. However, this remains but a theory and there is no historical evidence supporting this claim, though it is the most plausible explanation.

The official name of Chrothonia is The Elite Empire of Chrothonia, although the shorter version of the official name, The Chrothonian Empire, is more commonly used on government documents. The longer version is used more formally on treaties and official agreements with other micronations and organizations. The simple name, Chrothonia, is most often used when referring to the Empire during informal conversations.


The Elite Empire of Chrothonia is, as mentioned in the name, an empire, with the head of state being the Emperor, Lord Admiral Joshua O.A. Rucinski. He has completely free reign over the nation and considers himself inferior to God alone. His Lordship often consults his cabinet, the Chrothonian High Council, when making greatly consequential decisions and/or needing advice.

Political Parties

Currently there is only one political party of the Chrothonian Empire and that is the Rebellion Party. The Rebellion party has many goals, but these are the main ones: 1. Longer government terms 2. Term limits 3. Little or no taxes 4. Peace through friendship 5. Economy build up 6. Foreign trade increase 7. Voting for new laws 8. NO government secrets and 9. Retirement benefits The Rebellion party founder and leader is Richard I. The Rebellion party is represented in 3 micronations.

Foreign Relations

The Chrothonian Empire is affiliated with many nations but only recognizes these nations as true nations: 1. The United States of America 2. Germany 3. The royal Isles of Xlainia 5. The Victorian Empire


5. The Richardstanian Empire and Surrounding Isles The Chrothonian empire recognizes these nations as true nations: 1. The Richardstanian Empire and Surrounding Isles 2. The Victorian Empire


3. The Royal Isles of Xlainia


The Chrothonian Empire is a lead nation in the Federation of Allied Micronations (FAM). The other nations in the FAM are: 1. The Victorian Empire 2. The Richardstanian Empire and Surrounding Isles 3. The Pinkishly Pink Isles of Pinkland And 4. The Royal Isles of Xlainia The founder and lead nation is the Richardstanian Empire. The FAM has no true leader but all the rulers of the nations affiliated with the FAM come together to rule in councilmanship.


Chrothonian culture is, for the most part, derived from the cultures of Germany, France, the Philippines, and the United States.


Creative soul foods are among the most common and appreciated dishes within the Empire. This is evident in the national dish, Adobo, which is an originally Filipino stew that involves meat, seafood, or vegetables marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and black peppercorns, which is browned in oil, and simmered in the marinade. The most widely consumed Chrothonian desserts include Jell-O, Baklava, and Pastel de Nata (a traditional Portuguese custard pastry). Common snacks include Doritos, Nutella, popcorn, Vegan Magnum bars and Kit-Kats.