Children's Boytown Sovereign State

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Children's Boytown Sovereign State

On sreirrab rof su. (English: No barriers for us.)
Currently being updated
Coat of Arms.
Capital city Eht Buh
Largest city Michikyalo
Official language(s) Boytownique, English, Japanese (minority)
Official religion(s) Atheism
Short name Boytown
Demonym Boytownique
Government Presidential Republic
- Vice-President Vice-President Sage Felix Riley
- President President Louis Bram Burrows
Legislature Parliament
Established 2009
Area claimed 200m²
Population 5 (as of 2009 census)
Currency Eizonian Dollar
Time zone GMT+9 (Japan Time)
National sport Schtimio
National dish Red Dragonfruit
National animal Dog

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The Children's Boytown Sovereign State is a micronation founded in 2009. It is based in an apartment in the East of London. The president is only 12 years old and has formal connections with the Republic of Lowertown.


In 2009, Rachel Price came up with the name 'Boytown' because the majority of the population was boys. Then, in 2012, Louis Burrows renamed it Children's Boytown Sovereign State as the population was nearly entirely of children. He added the words 'Sovereign State' to show the independence from the UK.


Boytown was founded when Louis Burrows got fed up with not having a say in the British way of life so he founded his own country as a way of allowing his own laws to come as a reality. It was involved with a war against Lowertown in 2011 when they had a huge arguement over trade deals. In 2015, they held a general election due to popular demand with the Conservatives (Sage F Riley) and the Boytown Nationalists (President Louis Bram Burrows).

Government and politics

Every Thursday (or when an emergency issue arises), the Boytownique Parliament meet to discuss any major issues that need taking care of and, of course, are within the jurdistiction of Boytown. The two major parties in the country are the Conservatives and the Boytown Nationalists. The Boytown Nationalists have won 3 of the 4 elections, losing the second to Sage Riley.


Boytown's military (Boytown Ecnefed Ycnega) has only been called to fight in the Lowertownique Trade War. The Boytown Redrob Lortap (Border Patrol) acts as not only the border defence but as the passport agency.


When Boytown was first founded, the ruler was King Louis Burrows I of Boytown however the monarchy was taken away in late 2009 and was replaced with a Presidential Democracy.

Geography and climate

They are based in Britain and the climate is about 10-15 °C.


Boytown is known for its electronic music and for its artefacts of curiousity which are held in the Hall of Curiousity. It is also famed for making the sport Schtimio.


Schtimio is Boytown's national sport in which you have to bounce the ball when moving (like Basketball) and then have to shoot at a rectangular goal. This pitch is also rectangular but for tactical reasons, the goals are on the same side of the pitch (the long end).


Visas are very occasionally given out to Ambassadors or Noble Title Holders of another country, however are very rarely given out to tourists. To enquire, call +447429069717.


Currently, the TV reception is Sky+HD and Netflix but BTT1 is currently being developed and is going to be broadcast in mid-2016. The mobile phone coverage is British, however, a Boytownique phone network is currently in development.

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