Chibbean Kingdom

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The Chibbean Kingdom Is a micronation, which was founded on March 26, 2021. Its current and first monarch is King Chibby I. Chibbean Claims are located in the North American Continent, American lands surrounding it. The Nation's Currency is the Chib (ℭ).

The government system is currently functioning under a legislative body called The Establishment and as an Absolute Monarchy, King Chibby I has supreme power and authority in all the land. The Chibbean Kingdom has a territorial population of 3. In the country English is its predominant language along with Igbo. The Chibbean National Animal is the lion.


The Name "Chibbean" was made up when King Chibby I was thinking of a name for his nation. The word does not have any origin it was made up.


The Chibbean government operates under a legislative body called The Establishment which has the legislative authority to pass bills into laws. The judiciary is the judicial body of the Chibbean Government which has the power to interpret laws passed by the Establishment.


The Economy of the Chibbean Kingdom is based on the Chib (ℭ) The currency is operated on government-owned companies