Cheslovian general election, 2009

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2009 November Cheslovian Elections >
Political Party Social Industrialists Socialist Party of Stettin Independent Independent United Cheslovia
President Candidate Boris Groznayev Iigon Dzyozhov Otar Kalev Olgiy Kovrovdovka Murat Tolstoysk
Prime Minister Candidate Vladimir Turkov Vanes Deyanovich Yuri Veshkov Sasha Melorovak Ena Kheynov
Votes 8 7 11 5 4
The logo for the Cheslovian Elections of 2009

The Cheslovian government elections take place 1 November 2009 and is the first election to occur in the Cheslovian Federation. Unlike other micronational elections, the Cheslovian elections allow citizens to elect a new President, Prime Minister and (if applicable) a new leading party at the same time. Of over 100 Cheslovian citizens, only 35 voted.


The Social Industrialists

  • Chosen President: Boris Groznayev
  • Chosen Prime Minister: Vladimir Turkov

The Socialist Party of Stettin

  • Chosen President: Iigon Dzyozhov
  • Chosen Prime Minister: Vanes Deyanovich

United Cheslovia

  • Chosen President: Murat Nurkenovak
  • Chosen Prime Minister: Ena Kheynov

Independent (no political association)

  • Otar Kalev (for President), Yuri Veshkov (for Prime Minister)
  • Olgiy Kovrovdovka (for President), Sasha Melorovak (for Prime Minister)

Party policies

Parties (or Independents) will have to write a policy, briefly setting out points of what they will do for the country.

  • Social Industrialists
  1. Organise government to be more efficient
  2. Increase trade with neighbouring Malokaz and Ud Mahazar
  3. Organise the Cheslov economy
    1. Organise the MSE
  • Socialist Party of Stettin
  1. Make pay of all workers relatively equal
    1. Cut the salaries of the government Ministers
  2. Print more money
  3. Increase KDI funding
  4. Create legislation minimizing the risky possibilities of Republic independence.
  • United Cheslovia
  1. Assimilate separatist regions of Baltia into Cheslovia
  2. Promote patriotism among Cheslovian citizens
  3. Establish clearer forms of communication between citizens who do not live in Baltia
    1. Finish Cheslovian government website
  • Independent, Otar Kalev
  1. Bring greater autonomy for the Republics
  2. Increase funding for cultural institutions
  3. Abolish inactive companies
  4. Abolishing unnecessary mass money printing
    1. Lower wages to increase the value of money
  • Independent, Olgiy Kovrovdovka
  1. Reform drug laws
  2. Reform the KDI into a smaller military designed to only defend Cheslovia
  3. Abolish some polluting industries and close the Tarnovak Industrial Centre

Election process

The people are presented with two (or more) political parties. These parties nominate who they would like to be President and Prime Minister. The people can vote for the President and Prime Minister of the same party or they can vote for a Prime Minister from the SPS and a President from the SI. Although there would be two people from different parties, the leading party would depend on the President's political party (if applicable).

Nominees cannot vote for them selves, although their political parties can vote for them.

October 29th Change over

Four days before the elections took place, Urosh Dushanov the then president and president nominee had withdrawn his application as president and gave it to Boris Groznayev. Urosh decided that he would be increasingly busy outside the micronational community and could not undertake a role which has much power and responsibility in Cheslovia. He will however do his part inside Cheslovia, however in a more quiet position, and he will be preoccupied with school work, college applications and his new part time job, at a supermarket.