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Reino Libre y Asociado de Chatolandía Kingdom Free and Associate of Chatolandía
Regno Libre é Assosiado du Chatolandie

          Nación Constituyente de Natú          

297px-Vinland flag.svg.pngEscudo de chatolandía.png

God, Freedom, Union and Peace /Dios, Libertad, Unión y Paz/Elohim, Libertad, Uneon é Pas
Capital city West Jerusalem (Natu)
Official language(s) Español, Krakochano
Demonym Chatolandino/a.
Government Kingdom Autonomo (Tratado de Escudos)
- Kihg Ary I of Chatoland
- Governor General Moníca de Fuentes-Valencia(PCCH)
Legislature Parliament of Chatoland
Established 2012
Area claimed 8.000 km²
Population 29
Currency Corona Natunesa

Reino Libre y Asociado de Chatolandía/Kingdom Free and Associate United of Chatoland is one of the four kingdoms that make up the Empire of Natu, not official firmande Treaty of Escudos, was founded by imperial decree on the status of United Free and Associated the September 30, 2012. Their present king is Ary I Chatolandía, son of Empress Maria I of Natu. Chatolandía is one of the most important kingdoms of the nation as it is bordering countries Bizancia one wanted to invade the Empire, hence its borders are militarized, during the civil war of 2012, was one of the worst affected areas of the nation, practically was the battleground between Natu and Bizancia.

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