Charter of the International Conservative

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First Charter

I. The Name/Purpose

I. The main purpose of this organization is to give all right-wing/conservative majorities and minorities representation and to promote peaceful right-wing/conservative ideas.
II. The name of the International Conservative, is the official name of this political organization and shall not be renamed unless a majority vote is taken place.
III. The official acronym of the organization is IC unless the name is changed.

II. The Official Principles of ICP

I. To share and express right-wing/conservative principles, ideas, and concepts.
II. To advise treaties, diplomacy and other certain things that might hurt/protect Right-wing or conservative countries.
III. To Voice the Right-Wing or conservative community and to protect other right-wing parties from real threats.
IV. To make sure right-wing parties are guaranteed to still have political freedoms and their rights.
V. To peacefully promote right-wing agendas and views.

III. The Chairman Guidelines

I. The IC Chairman is elected every 4 months and all members have a right to vote and elect a new chairman.
II. The Chairman’s terms for re-elections is to have the right to run 8 times.
III. The IC Chairman can be titled as “His/Her Excellency”, “Mr. Chairman”, or Chairman [Insert last name]
IV. All chairmans have special duties to carry out the organization’s agenda.
V. The Chairman is allowed to introduce new policies or new agendas to the legislation.
VI. The chairman has one special privilege, he/she is allowed to use donated money to the organization to carry out a certain item that is absolutely necessary to the organization. This privilege can be taken away by IC’s Legislation body.

IV. Legislation Structure

I. The legislative body is the main body of the organization.
II. The Legislative body name is officially called the IC Assembly.
III. The Assembly has a permanent body of delegates unless his/her country has voted on a new representative.
IV. The Assembly is allowed to make most of all the decisions in the organization.
V. The Assembly is allowed to impeach the Chairman by a ¾ majority vote.
VI. The IC Assembly meets regularly on the forum to discuss issues. And will have its own sub-forum in the MicroWiki Forum. The assembly is permitted to have its own Skype/Google Chat room unless the Chairman or majority of the assembly says otherwise.
VII. This IC Assembly can only be disbanded by a ¾ majority vote.

V. Voting on Legislation

I. All new amendments to the charter has to have a full ¾ majority vote in order to be enacted.
II. Bills can be proposed by anyone in the assembly.
III. Bills are to be categorised in the assembly and to be filed in the Official Archive.
IV. All proposal agenda/bills are publicly announced on the forum.
V. All votes can be changed less than 24 hrs.

VI. Membership

I. Any country or party can join as long as they’re conservative or right-wing sided.
II. All new members must have their country/party ratify the Charter.
III. Is willing to fulfill its duties in the organisation.


Jackson Cole of the KUR

Second Charter

Section 1 - Name and Aim

I. International Conservative is the official title of this political organisation. The official acronym of which shall be IC.
II. The official aim of this organisation is to maintain a platform for all right-wing parties to peacefully promote their ideas and uphold their values, irrespective of whether they have attained a majority in their own nations or not.

Section 2 - The Official Principles of the International Conservative

I. To share and freely express right-wing principles, ideas and concepts.
II. To advise on matters that might damage right-wing parties, their reputations or their nations.
III. To be the voice of the right-wing community and to protect the the community from any perceived threats.
IV. To uphold and guarantee the political freedoms and rights of the right-wing community.
V. To peacefully promote right-wing agendas and views.

Section 3 - Governance

I. The Chairman

  • is the head of the International Conservative and acts accordingly.
  • is reponsible for the organisation and setting the agenda at meetings.
  • is elected every 8 months. They may be re-elected a maximum of 4 times.
  • is to be addressed as Mr. Chairman.

II. The Secretary

  • is reponsible for maintaining the International Conservative's Official Archive.
  • is elected every 8 months. They may be re-elected a maximum of 4 times.
  • is to be addressed as Mr. Secretary.

Section 4 - Elections

I. Elections for the posts of Chairman and Secretary shall be held every 8 months.
II. Any delegate may apply for any of the avaliable positions.
III. Each delegate is allowed to vote for their preferred choice for each office.
IV. One vote per delegate.
V. Delegate may not vote for themselves.
VI. The candidate with the most votes wins the right to take up the office they applied for.

Section 5 - Assembly

I. The main body of the International Conservative is officially called the International Conservative Assembly, the acronym of which is ICA.
II. The Assembly is made up from the delegates of right-wing parties.
III. There may only be one official delegate from each right-wing party or nation who has the right to vote and proposed motions. However, other members may be allowed to observe, discuss and debate during proceedings.
IV. The Assembly shall meet regularly on the forum or on a Skype chatroom.
V. The Assembly is allowed to debate and vote on all topics brought to it by either the Chairman or a member.
VI. The Assembly may impeach the Chairman with 3/4 majority.

Section 6 - Legislation

I. Motions may be proposed by any delegate of the Assembly.
II. A motion must be approved by the Chairman before it may be discussed, debated or voted on.
III. A motion must attain a majority vote.
IV. All motions, successful or not, shall be added to the Offical Archive.
V. Voting on motions shall last no longer than 5 days. Any votes cast after this peirod will not be valid. Delegates may change their vote as long as voting remains open.
VI. One vote per delegate.

Section 7 - Membership

I. Any right-wing party or nation may join the International Conservative.
II. New parties or nations must ratify this charter.
III. New parties or nations must be voted in with a majority from the ICA.



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