Chancellor of the Republic of Indecencia

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Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Indecencia
Budeteres Chanceluerte del luer Budeteres Republicaria del Indecenciaria (IN)
Seal of Office
Office Standard
Jevon A. Perkins

since 1 December 2018

Style List Below

  • Informal: Mr. Chancellor
  • Formal: Comrade Supreme Chancellor
  • International: His Excellency
  • Within Army: Supreme Comrade Commander
  • Given Style: His Federal Chancellorship
Member of Senate
Reports to Senate
Residence Bahadrais City Palace
Nominator Political Party
Appointer The People
Term length 1 year Renewable infinitely
Constituting instrument The Indecencian National Constitution
Formation 1 December 2018
First holder Jevon A. Perkins
Succession Vote
Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Republic of Indecencia
Salary No Salary


Sash of the Federal Chancellor

Sash of the Federal Chancellor on a Model