Central People's Government of Eniarku

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Kingdom of Eniarku

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His Majesty's Government

The Central People's Government is the official name given to the national government of the Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku, specifically referring to the combined political authority of the three leading political institutions in that micronation: the Eniarkian Worker's Party, the People's National Executive Committee, and the National People's Assembly. The Central People's Government is akin to the national government of other micro- and macronations, though it is unique in the sense that all three institutions of the government act unaminously due to the supreme political authority of the ruling Worker's Party and the requirement that all government organs to conform to Party standards. With the legislative and executive branches of the Eniarkian government working in harmony, the Central People's Government of Erusia can be considered the top authority in the democratic centralist system of Eniarkian governance, presiding over all national and sub-national government authorities.

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