Central Hilioromao

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Central Hilioromao
Hilioromao Tengah
—  Special Capital City  —
City of Central Hilioromao
Skyline on Capital Hilioromao District


Motto: City of Our Nation
Location of Central Hilioromao in Tanahbala
Country FSEIO flag.jpg Federated States of East Indian Ocean
State Hilioromao Flag.png Hilioromao Federal Area
Founded 9 November 2043
Population (2010)
 - Special Capital City 1,451,578
 Metro 2,575,853
  2010 decennial census
Time zone GMT +7
 - Summer (DST) not observed (UTC+7)
Area code(s) +67 9

Central Hilioromao is the capital of the Federated East Indian Ocean. city is the 2nd largest city after Sifaurunasi Metro City. In this place, known as the center of state government.