Central Bureau of Flevelt

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Central Bureau of Flevelt
Master SecretaryKyle of Hesslin (as Joint Chairman)
Secretary of the political Bureauvacant
Secretary of the Administration BureauKyle of Hesslin
FoundedNovember 6, 2016
HeadquartersGovernment House, Mont Rouge
Membership (2016)5

The Central Bureau or some times the General Bureau or General Ministry is the now extinct cabinet of the Premier of the Central Bureau or Master Secretary of the Confederation of Flevelt. The Central Bureau is reasonable for the day to day maintenance of the Confederation. The Central Bureau is made up of Secretaries and some times political advisors like party chairs, but never ministers or Officers of State, with the notable exception of a "General Minister" between April and September in 2016. The Central bureau also oversees the Political Bureau which is the Council Chief's cabinet, the Administration Bureau which deals with paper work, the Army Inspectorate which operates the Military, and the Council of Noble and Common Law which is a branch of the Court of Governors.

Position Name Since
Master Secretary of the Central Kyle of hesslin (as Joint Chairman) November 2016
Secretary of the Political Bureau Vacant November 2016
Secretary of the Administration Bureau Kyle of Hesslin November 2016
Governor of the Council of Law Vacant November 6, 2016 – present
Secretary at War vancant November 2016
Secretary for Foreign Affairs Kyle of Hesslin November 2016
Deputy Chairman and Security Staff Chief of the Fatalitist Party Landon of Trier November 2016