Cat Party (Überstadt)

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Cat Party
LeaderSir Diamond of Siam
FoundedDecember 2011
HeadquartersRoyal Residency
Ideologyliberal conservatism, economic liberalism, right-to-nap
Political positionCenter-right
ColoursDark red
Seats in Parliament
0 / 1

The Cat Party is an Überstadti conservative political party. It is the oldest and largest party in Überstadt, having been founded in December 2011 with Sir Diamond of Siam, the cat of the Royal Family, as a figurehead leader. The party is currently in a state of dormancy.


During the later stage of the November Revolution, political factions began to emerge among the populace. The first of these factions to officially organize were most of the Kingdom's conservatives under the banner of the Cat Party, with Diamond, the king's cat, as a figurehead leader. The party was one of the five that ran for seats in the First Parliament, winning one and forming a coalition with the centrists and the other center-right party, the populist Contractors' Democratic Party. The following term, the government consisted exclusively of the two conservative groups, with the Cats being the most popular party among voters by far. In the October 2012 election for the Third Parliament, however, the party received the lowest number of votes of the three parties that won seats. Nonetheless, the Cats formed a coalition with the Renaissance Party. After all human members of the party neglected to renew their citizenship following the March 2013 change of nationality law, the party fell into a state of dormancy, surviving only because the officially-recorded leader still held domicile in Überstadt, despite his being a cat and thus not recognized as a person for legal purposes.


The Cat Party is led de jure by Sir Diamond of Edmount. The human members of the party held power collectively during the time of its activity. Sir Michael of Edmount was considered the leading member and held the most sway over party platforms. When it is necessary for the party to be represented internationally, King Adam typically does so.


The Cats possess an ideology of liberal conservatism influenced by feline interests, a tribute to the powerless party leader. A free market is advocated by the party, which is generally suspicious of what its members term "big government". Right-to-nap laws, considered a feline interest, are part of the party platform as part of the members' tribute to Sir Diamond, but have never been proposed in Parliament. Patriotism is supported by the Cat Party, which could be called nationalist to some degree. Socially conservative views are held by most members, but have never come up in proposed legislation, due to the popular belief that the Überstadti has little role in topics that are mostly social in nature.