Cat Imperium

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Cat Imperium
Cat Imperium.png
ChancellorChancellor Liam Raymond, Progressive Green Alliance
since N/A
PresidentPresident Skooma, Progressive Green Alliance
Members3 members
Cat Imperium MU 1.png
Political groupsGovernment
Political groupsNeutral
  •      Social Militarist Party (1)

The Cat Imperium is the lower house of the Democratic Republic of Cattopia. It is comprised of three counties, each county being represented by a Member of Government (MG). The Cat Imperium has the power to create and pass acts and laws to further Cattopia and to help its inhabitants. It is elected on a FPTP system within each county in the Imperium Elections which take place at least every 6 months.


The Cat Imperium regularly passes acts to better progress Cattopia. A full list of passed acts:

  • Act I: Currency Standardisation - Established the Cap Currency of Cattopia, as well as the Bank of Cattopia. Also established the rules on what is considered legal tender and banned symbolism that cannot appear on any Cap.
  • Act II: Elections and Democracy - This act established the time rules on an election, with the Imperiun Elections taking place every 6 months, and Election for Chancellor taking place every 12 months. Additionally, it established universal sufferage. All elections are to take place on the Third Thursday of the election month.
  • Act III: Equality Act - This act made all inhabitants of Cattopia, cat or human, equal with equal rights and equal responsibilities. It also illegalised racism and discrimination against any ethnic group.
  • Act IV: Immigration - This act is so far the most controversial act, as it established the immigration laws within Cattopia and also created a list of "banned peoples" The list of banned peoples include but is not limited to: Spiders, Wasps, and birds.
  • Act V: State Wages - This act was created to establish a national wage for all inhabitants living in Cattopia Main (Dokus County and Cedar Wood County). The wage consists of food and water, provided free for all these inhabitants. Additionally, it created a time table as to when the wage was to be administered.
  • Act VI: Counties, Cat Imperium, and President - This act established the two counties of Cattopia Main, and also created the position of President. Additionally, it also created the Cat Imperium voting laws, using a FPTP method. The President would be a position chosen by the Chancellor and would be mostly a ceremonial role.