Casper von Naveria

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Casper von Naveria
An image representing Casper (2020)
Monarch of Naveria
Assumed office
9 September - 31 December 2019
5 April 2020 - Current
Predecessor Throne established
2nd State President of Phokland
In office
31 March - 15 April 2020
Prince-elector Charles Ross
Chancellor of Court Richard Seeger
Predecessor Charles Ross
Successor Office dissolved
Governor of Peach Ponds
Assumed office
4 April 2020 - Current
Predecessor Position established
Vice President of Jutar
Assumed office
10 June 2020 - Current
Governor of Orbly
Assumed office
10 July 2020 - Current
Predecessor Position established
Secretary of State of the Confederate States
Assumed office
2 October 2020 - Current
Predecessor Judah P. Benjamin
Personal information
Born ?
Citizenship Flag of the United States.svg United States
Flag of Naveria.svg Naveria
Georgia Flag (2020).svg Georgia
Flag of New Virginia.png New Virginia
Flag of Pavlov SVG.svg Pavlov
Flag of the Republic of Lisseum (2020).png Lisseum
Residence Orbly, Naveria

HRH Lord Casper von Naveria, Grand Duke of Naveria, Count of Cowyetton, Baron of Kœnigsberg-Saxonia, Duke of Mundus Novus, Marquis of Hopeland is a Georgia born Naverian-American micronationalist, politician and journalist who served several of the last major roles in Phokland. He is currently most active in the government of his home nation of Naveria, but is also a citizen of Confederate Georgia, New Virginia, Pavlov and Lisseum. He is also an administrator of MicroWiki@Discord

Personal Life

In his educational life, Casper is a busy student. His favorite subjects are science and English. Casper wishes to be bilingual, and is currently studying Spanish to achieve this goal. Casper enjoys writing, and often searches for MicroWiki articles in need of modification just for the fun of it. This has earned him a small reputation as a MicroWikiGnome. He also runs the Orblian Observer, a Naverian newspaper that was founded in Phokland after the end of Navārdia News in 2019. Other activities that take up Casper’s free time include walking, gaming, reading and spending time with his family and friends.


While Casper has only visited one macronation, he has visited several micronations and various territorial divisions thereof.

Titles and Honors

PhoklandUnion.png Phoklandian Free State
10 February – 15 April 2020: No ribbonNEW.png Order of Unity (Member)
RoanokeFlag.png Kingdom of Roanoke
11 June 2020 – present: Order of Friendship.jpg Order of Friendship
Flag scoria.png Republic of Scoria
2 September 2020 – present: Medal scoria 1.png Scorian Medal of Friendship
Vishwamitra-National Flag.png State of Vishwamitra
7 September – 23 November 2020: Royal Family Order of Purvanchal - 2 (Grand Commander, GCOP).png Royal Family Order of Purvanchal (Grand Commander)
Flag of Austenasia.png Empire of Austenasia
19 September 2020 – present: No ribbonNEW.png Austenasian Order (Officer)
Flag of Ikonia (Pantone).svg Kingdom of Ikonia
26 September 2020 - present: Ribbon bar of a Grand Star Knight of the Order of the Diaconus.svg Order of the Diaconus (Stranger Knight Companion)
Queensland New Nation Flag.png Kingdom of Queensland
30 September 2020 - present: Ribbon of Order of Gatfar (New).png Order of Gatfar (Knight Grand Cross)
30 September 2020 - present: Ribbon of Order of Queensland friendship.png Order of Queensland Friendship (Knight Grand Collar)
30 September 2020 - present: Royal Family Order of the Crown of Queensland.png Royal Family of Order of Crown of Queensland (Knight Grand Cross with Collar)
Kingdomsayville.png Kingdom of Sayville
20 October 2020 - present: Knight of the Sayvillian Lion Ribbon Bar.svg Order of the Sayvillian Lion (Knight)
New Monmarkian Imperial Standard.png United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark
7 November 2020 – present: Order of the Crown Lion-David-Ribbon.png Order of the Crowned Lion (Knight)
Union of Garuda
10 November 2020 – present: No ribbonNEW.png Order of the Crow (Knight)
Pacemflag.svg State of Pacem
18 November 2020 – present: Member - Order of Dawn.png Order of Dawn (Member)