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Territory of Carthage

Location: Falcon, Western Australia
Capital City Settlement
Population: Inconsistent
Date of foundation: 31 October 2010
Governor: Shane Scantlebury
Language: English (official)
Demonym: Carthagean
Currency: Australian dollar

The Territory of Carthage is an external territory of the Second Kingdom of Pamale and is only an hours drive from his official residence. The King makes annual visits to the territory.


Carthage was first annexed by the (First) Kingdom of Pamale in early 2009. It was transferred to the United Kingdom of Rizja on 11 June 2009, but was disowned in early 2010. Carthage was re-established in late October 2010.


Carthage is an old beach house and property located in Falcon, Western Australia and is only a five minute walk from Falcon Bay.


Carthage is governed directly by King Shane (II) and as of now there are no future plans to establish a local government as there are no permanent residents living in the territory.


Second Kingdom of Pamale

Backton, Hutson, Rose

External Territories
Scantlebury Island, Carthage

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