Cartesian Federal Order

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The Cartesian Federal Order (CFO) is a federal order composed of several municipal units. It is a hypersovereign state under the directatorship of the Algebrian Chamber. The mission of the order is to "bring the principle equations of the Earth into direct conflict with international communism". The CFO exists in a temperate climate.


The CFO is governed by the various organs of state including: Algebrian Chamber, Sovereign Army of the Differential Kind, and the Office of the Supreme Servitor. In addition the Scalar Trade Company manages all economic and logistical concerns of the CFO with ruthless efficientcy. All hypercitizens owe allegiantce to these in conjunction, and to their terminology.


The CFO exists in a temperate climate.


The economics of the CFO are a function. Multiple inputs produce one output. This is based on Functional Economic Theory created by Peter Descartes of the 3 Shells who is the current Supreme Servitor. The output result includes many values.

The CFO economy does not factor in computer use, as computers digitize the continuous nature of numbers and is thus a distortion of Functional Economic THeory.

Abstractular flanging

Abstractular flanging is the preferred style of jurisprudentce over all matters of law under the hypersovereignty of the CFO. It was proven correct against mathematized Fiqh in 2020 by Peter Descartes. AF operates by judging the facts of each case in a multidimensional space and projecting onto a smaller verdict space. Cases may be retried only when the verdict has relatively high dimensionality.


The CFO has a culture, certified by Jacobian means. It has a population of 4,245.222... citizens and denizens. The CFO is a real fifth-world nation and tribe. Most Cartesians speak English or French of North American dialects.