Carlos I

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H.I.R.M. Ramá II (Carlos I)
His Imperial and Royal Majesty, the Emperor of Millania

Official Portrait of Ramá II
Emperor of Millania
Reign June 3, 2018 - present
Predecessor Santiago I (Ramá I)
Full name
Carlos Prieto Ávila
House House of Millán-Prieto-Uribe-Llamas
Father Emperor Father Cosmo Prieto
Mother Emperor Mother Rita Ávila
Born 11 February 1941 (1941-02-11) (age 78)
Bogotá, Colombia
Occupation Vice President of the Colombian Academy of Military History
Religion Roman Catholicism

Full Title

Coin Design featuring Carlos I.

H.I.R.M. Sir Carlos I of Bogotá, and of Great House Prieto, By the Grace of God Almighty, Emperor of the Union of Millania and New Granada, and Lands Represented by the Crowns of the Council of Four, King of Prietstina, King of the Uribians, Sovereign of the Sovereign Order of the Great Dragon of the East, Protector of Yochtia, Protector of Anderssonia, Protector of Sirusia, Protector of Charlbrough, Duke of San Millán, Duke of Prietona, Duke of Yåktspøðra, Grand Thom of Wākea, Viceroy of Navália, Viceroy of Cornosina, Grand General of the Millanian Army, Grand Admiral of the Millanian Navy, Grand Marshal of the Millanian Air Force, Primus Pilus of the Millanian Imperial Guard, Head of the Council of Four, Admiral of the Thai Fleet, Head of the Millanian Commonwealth, K.O.E.D.