Carlo Pizzano

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Carlo Pizzano
Pizzano on May 8, 2014, posing for his official picture on being elected into the Council
Secretary of State of the Democratic Socialist Federation of Nedlandic Republics
In office
8 May 2015
President Ned Greiner
Vice President Edward Adjei-Prempeh
Minister of the Council of Nedlandic Elders Stas Radziwill
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 13 March 2001 (2001-03-13) (age 17)
Birth name Carlo
Citizenship Nedland
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian
Political party Labour Party of Nedland
Religion Catholic

Carlo Pizzano (born March 13, 2001) is an American, and the current secretary of state of Nedland. He is the first to serve in the position, and was appointed on May 8, 2015. He lives in the Prince George's Subcultural Republic, a divison of Nedland.


Pizzano was born in 2001, and lives, in terms of America, Prince George's County, Maryland. His brother is named C. j.

Pizzano is often known for his outstanding maturity and athletic and academic capabilities.