Carlo I, Prince of Nossia

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Carlo I
Sovereign Prince of the Nossians
The Calm
Prince of the Nossians, Founder of the Nossian Nationalist Party, Marshall of the Principality's Sovereign Army, Count of The Province of Ambordia, President of the Republic of Palco, Kanfrerine of the Empire of Lifréia.

Carlo I em Uniforme Militar.png

Nossia CoA.png
Prince of the Nossians
Reign 5 January 2016 - present
Coronation 12 January 2016
Predecessor Lopes I (As The Kanfre)
In office' 25 April 2016 - present
Marshal of the PSA
Predecessor Office established
2nd Kanfrerine of Lifréia
Reign 15 July 2015 - present
House House of Astra
Born 07 July 2000 (age 16)
Maternidade Carmela Dutra, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina,Brazil Brazil Flag.png
Religion Secular Buddhist

HSH Carlo I, Prince of the Nossians, Marshal of the Principality's Sovereign Army, Brave Count of the Sunny Province of Ambordia, is the first monarch of Nossia and founder of the country.

Early Life

Born in the late hours of the morning of the 7th of July 2000, in the Carmela Dutra Maternity, in Florianópolis, the capital of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil. Premature, of only six months, together with his brother Lopes I. He was baptised in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul (the hometown of his family) later that same year. His subsequent early life was less than typical (save a few particular incidents involving his close family).

Reign over Nossia

His reign commenced the same day Nossia was founded, the 5th of January, 2016, with his coronation occured in the 12th of January, 2016. His reign starting after the horrible Nossian-Lifreian Civil War in mid July-mid December 2015. He then used his new influence as the Prince to recommence the reconstruction of the diplomatic ties with Nossia's former father state, The Empire of Lifréia. After turning the relations with the last warm again, he truly commenced his reign over Nossia.

Coat of arms of the Astra branch of the Astra e Lifre family.
Monarchical styles of
Carlo, Sovereign Prince of the Nossians
Prince of Nossia Standart.png
Reference style His Sovereign Highness
Spoken style Your Sovereign Highness
Alternative style Sire

Monogram of Carlo I

Foreign Honors

Domestic Honors

Ordem da Justa e Seenissima Coroa de Nossia design.png The Order of the Just and Serene Crown of Nossia (Portuguese: Ordem da Justa e Sereníssima Coroa de Nossia). The highest honor given by the crown of Nossia.
Grande Ordem dos Rifles do Principe.png The Highest Order of the Prince's Rifles (Portuguese: Grande Ordem dos Rifles do Príncipe). The highest honor given to a marksman military commander or soldier by the Prince or the Princess Consort.
Ordem do Destaque em Treinamento Militar.png The Order of Featured Military Training (Portuguese: Ordem do Destaque em Treinamento Militar). Order given to pupils who perform astonishing actions in training.

Personal Life

The Prince enjoys reading, practicing creative writing, watching movies and television serials. His three favorite films are "The Aviator", "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Solntse", by Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott and Aleksandr Sokurov respectively; He enjoys the music of Kavinsky, and is an avid fan of 70's and 80's metal and rock bands.