Captain-in-Chief (Roscamistan)

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Captain in Chief
Service branchPresidential Guard
NATO rankUnknown
FormationSecond Brotherton Presidency
Next higher ranknone
Next lower ranknone

The Captain-in-Chief is an honourary rank that was bestowed to former president Captain James Irwin as a gift of the Republic for his service to Roscamistan when he was in the office of President for 40 days. The full name of the title is the Most Honourable Captain in Chief of the Province of Mervustan .

History of the Title

The title was created by the Honorary Titles Act 2021 which created ranks and titles such as the Honorary Chancellorship of Galway City (created only once), Knight of the Order of the Count of Purple and Knight of the Order of Æthelbert which are given to retiring political, social, and military leaders.

Creation of the title

The title was created in late August 2021 for the former president Irwin after more than two months after his resignation he already retired from the army with the normal rank of Captain, but in September 2021 he returned to the Roscamistan Defence Forces as part of the Mervustan Militia, with the active rank of Captain, after this occurred, on 11 October 2021, He was made the hereditary Earl Irwin of Ballybane, in the Peerage of the Kingdom of Roscam.