Camurian Broadcasting Corporation

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Camurian broadcasting Corporation
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Headquarters: Godricsun
Official Languages: English
Director: John O'Kane
Establishment: 24 January 2009

The Camurian Broadcasting Corporaton or C.B.C, was founded on 24 January 2009 by First Minister, Admiral John O'Kane and King Ian II. The Corporation has a Youtube account to broadcast its productions. The Youtube account is CamuriaBroadcasting. The first few Video's will be on politics and show more of Camuria to the rest of the world.


After the C.B.C's founding King Ian II, stated that it is to be a privatly funded company and to receive little finacial support from the treasury. The Company has received support and money has been put into it by private Camurian investors to help fund new productions being prepared. The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Military Intelligence have funded the Company to start work on producing a short movie showing the firing of Camuria's Goodman Rocket and also the firing of the G.P.R. The first project undetaken was the production of the Camurian National Anthem on Youtube.


Camurian National Anthem