Callum Brown

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Brigadiar Sir Callum Thomas Brown, of the King's Amred Battalion

Honorific-prefix Governor-General
Name Callum Thomas Brown
Nationality English
Order Eigth
Office Head of the Armed Battalion
Term Start 20 September 2006
Predecessor John O'Kane
Religion Roman Catholic

Callum Brown was a General in the Royal Camurian Army and upon recieving a knighthood into the Hounourable Order of the Rose by King Ian the Great he was re-appointed as the new head of all Militery Intelligence and spied upon King Daniel of Anzacia, pozing as his highest military officer, helping Camuria in the Second Misthasian War. He is the second highest ranking military officer in Camuria, after the King and the only person, not from the royal bloodline to receive such a high ranking position in Camurian society. Along with recieving the title of Commanding-Chief of the M.M.I, he also took the title as Governor-General of the Fortress Province, of Halfway Island.

After he left his position in the M.M.I, he took the position as head of the Armed Battalion.