Caligula I

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Caligula I
Emperor of New Sparta, Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, and King of Old Greece
Caligula I.jpg
Coronation portrait commissioned by the emperor himself
Reign20 October 2001
Coronation20 October 2001
Full nameGaius Romulus Germanicus Caligula Caesar
TitlesPharaoh of Ancient Egypt
PredecessorLeonidas I
SuccessorEmperor Caligula II of New Sparta
ConsortJulia Claudian
OffspringEmperor Caligula II of New Sparta
Commodus Germanicus Caesar
Royal mottoEgo sum Deus
FatherLeonidas I
MotherDomitia Messalina
Religious beliefsRoman Catholic (1969-2002), ancient Roman religion

Gaius Romulus Germanicus Caligula Caesar (19 February 1960-December 25, 2004) Was the second Emperor of New Sparta. Born the eldest son to Leonidas I and Domitia Messalina. Gaius was made Emperor with the consent of the Praetorian Old Guard and The Spartan Senate over his elder brother Nero Domitius Claudius who had suffered a mental breakdown a year prior to their father's Abdication. Caligula was a liar and a thief who was spent two years in jail before he returned home to find there was a crown and a throne awaiting him. He was crowned Caligula I of New Sparta and rule as a tyrant and bring the Empire to the edge of collapse with his carelessness and multiple failed military Campaigns.

Though married Caligula had many lovers, One including one of his close allies Senator Marc Anthony until his late death.