Cal Bartoń

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Cal Bartoń

Cal Bartoń (It is not his real name) is a Bartonian politician, author and climate activist. Since 30 May 2020 he is the head of state of the Ecologist Republic of Bartonia. He invented the ideology of Ecologism and also wrote the Book of the principles of Ecologism.

Career as a politician

Cal Bartoń started his career as a politician in the Kingdom of Thomaland, where he was the representative of the state and adviser of the King Franz I. But the country became defunct in December 2018.

Later, he was the President and Vice-President of the Republic of Oberhügel.

After that he founded the Grand Duchy of Rabenberg and he was the Grand Duke until 4th May 2020.

And after Rabenberg also went defunct, he was elected to the Doge, the official Head of State of Bartonia. In the Bartonian exclave Seagull Island he is also the Regional-Doge. He is the leader and founder of the Ecologistic Party of Bartonia.

He is also the founder and was the leader of the Revolutionary Ecologist Party of Felsbrunn.

On the 17th August 2020, he was chosen to be the Grand Kaiser of the Grand Empire of Amarettini. He was the head of state of this country for 5 days.

He is the leader of the Ecologist Movement of Felsbruck.

He also founded the Ecologist Party of Millania and is the leader of that political party.

Career in different militaries

Cal Bartoń is the Commander of the Militar Bartoniyy.

He is also a soldier in the Grand Army of Felsbruck.


Cal Bartoń is a citizen in different nations.

He has a citizenship in Austria, Bartonia, Millania and Felsbruck.

Political views

Political Compass of Cal Bartoń.

Cal Bartoń describes himself as a centre-left Ecologist, Thunbergist, dog-rights activist and climate activist.