Cake Free State

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Cake Free State
[[Dutch Territories of the Lundian Counties|]]

Flag of the cake free state.jpgDifferent flag.jpg

"Van de Nederland aan de Nederlandse"(Dutch:From the Netherlands to the dutch
March of the British Grenadiers
Cakemen Claims
Capital city None
Largest city None
Official language(s) English Dutch
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Cakemen
Government Commanwealth
- King King levi
- Head of State Hen Matt Sjöberg
Legislature Advisory government of the King
- Type - Unicameral
Established October 19th 2012
Area claimed Unknown
Population None Population remain Belgian citizens
Currency Puffin
Time zone (UTC)
National drink Hot chocolate
National animal Puffin
Patron saint Saint Petroc

Established October 19th 2012

Reason for existence

The motto explains it all.The nation was created after the lundian government had failed to find a dutch governor for the Dutch Territories of the Lundian Counties.


The nation aims to go deeper into the dutch micronational community, via either joining the flanderisisian commanwealth.