Federal Republic of Caddia

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Federal Republic of Caddia


Near Monterey, California; with one island in Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Capital cityCaddia City
Largest cityLindorvia
Official language(s)English, Caddian, Russian, Polish
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameCaddia
- Prime MinisterRyan D.
- PresidentAnna Telford
Established8 January 2018
Area claimed3 acres
Population17 residents (as of 2020 census)
Time zonePacific Standard Time
National sportFootball
National animalCat
Patron saintElijah of Tishbe

The Federal Republic of Caddia, more commonly known as Caddia, is a micronation in California. It was founded on 8 January 2018 by Anna Telford. After going through several name changes, governments, and flags, the Federal Republic of Caddia was born, named after Anna Telford's cat, Fat Cat.


Caddia comes from the word cat.


Before the official founding of Caddia, several names were considered, including Moskeau. Eventually the name Caddia was chosen, and was officially founded on 8 January 2020. A vote was held and Anna Telford was unanimously elected first president. She chose Trevor W. as her Vice President and together the two would plan out laws for the new nation. On 15 February 2018, the first constitution of Caddia was ratified by the Chamber of Laws. Around the same time the Caddian Defense Forces (CDF) would be founded. Recognizing the need for a better legislature, the Parliament of Caddia was created. While still de facto being a thing, the Chamber of Laws became defunct. Due to Anna Telford not knowing much about politics at the time, the government of Caddia would rapidly change. On 2 October 2018, the Second Constitution of Caddia was ratified by Parliament. President Anna Telford would also make a state visit to Molossia, the first time Caddia met with the head of state of another micronation.

On 24 November 2018, tragedy struck the nation as the mascot and namesake of Caddia Fat Cat passed away overnight, aged 15. Over the first few months of 2019, sweeping reforms would be enacted in the nation. Parliament was completely reformed and the electoral system was changed. Due to a falling out with Vice President Trevor W., the office of Vice President was dissolved. On 19 July 2019 President Anna Telford attended Microcon 2019, where she met with Summi Imperatoria Christina I, establishing a relationship between Caddia and Cycoldia. On 24 September 2019, the office of Prime Minister was established, with Ryan Dicus being elected. During this time, Caddia would transition to the Westminster System of government. On 1 April 2020, the announcement was made that Caddia would join the North American Commonwealth, an association of micronations, similar to that of the British commonwealth. Due to low membership, the commonwealth would be disbanded shortly. After this, President Anna Telford took a break from micronationalism.

Politics and government

The Parliament of Caddia is the unicameral legislature of the Federal Republic Caddia. There are 8 seats in Parliament, with each province getting 1 seat (except Novy Land and Joklaj which both get 2 seats).

Foreign relations

Caddia has relations with Molossia and Cycoldia.


Geography and climate

The temperature of Caddia is generally warm. There are two seasons, a dry season and a wet season. During the dry season, there is much more sunlight and more foxtails. The geography of Caddia is overall flat.

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