Federal Republic of Caddia

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Federal Republic of Caddia

Sława v Kadja (Caddian: "Glory to Caddia")

Near Monterey, California; with one island in Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Capital cityCaddia City
Largest cityLindorvia
Official language(s)English, Caddian, Russian, Polish
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameCaddia
- Prime MinisterRyan D.
- PresidentAnna Telford
Area claimed3 acres
Population32 (with some online citizens) (as of 2019 census)
Time zonePacific Standard Time
National sportFootball (not American Football)
National animalCat
Patron saintElijah Elijah of Tishbe
Member state of NADU and the Cupertino Alliance


The Federal Republic of Caddia, more commonly known as Caddia, is a micronation in California. It was founded on 8 January 2019 by Anna Telford. After going through several name changes, governments, and flags, the Federal Republic of Caddia was born, named after the president's cat, Fat Cat. The early ideas of the republic were mostly decided solely by Anna Telford, and Trevor W., The De facto Vice President of Caddia at the time. On 13 October 2018, the president took a visit to the Republic of Molossia, which is the only micronation the president has visited as of October, 2019. When Caddia started taking on more members, a parliament was formed to give the people more say in how the government runs. A site was also made. In July 2019, Caddia attended Microcon 2019. Caddia currently has no actual constitution. There was one made by Anna Telford in 2018, but it had many flaws. Currently, a new constitution is being drafted.

When Caddia first started, it was essentially a dictatorship. There were very little people, and the president was new to micronations and how they worked. As time progressed, however, more and more essential bodies of government came into being. The chamber of laws was the predecessor to the parliament and consisted of the president and vice president. The chamber of laws (renamed to Ministry of Laws) has since become the place where bills passed by parliament get ratified. The parliament consists of 6 seats, with the president allowed to have 1 of them. The president's role in the parliament is so the high command has a say in the bills that get passed. They have no special benefits, ie they don't have veto power, aren't guaranteed a seat, etc.


Caddia comes from the word cat.




  • January 8th: Founded
  • January 10th-20th: Expansion into the surrounding areas of Caddia. By January 20th, all of Ari Telford's *property had become part of Caddia
  • February 2nd: Trevor W. Becomes Vice President
  • February 15th: Lindorvian Exclave and Gelb Exclave become parts of Caddia
  • February 16th: First Constitution of Caddia is ratified
  • February 24th: Pets become recognized citizens of Caddia
  • March 14th: Lindorvian Exclave annexes huge unclaimed pasture
  • March 29th: Caddian Defense Forces (CDF) founded
  • April 5th: Cadon goes into circulation
  • April 20th: Cadon discontinued
  • May 29th: First president's day celebrated
  • June 6th: Civil war averted by the foundation of parliament
  • June 18th: After fears of the parliament getting too much power, it's decided to have the Chamber of Laws ratify all bills passed by parliament.
  • August 1st: CDF Modernization Bill passes, upgrading the military, and establishing a spy service and a navy
  • August 26th: Parliament calls for constitution to be rewritten
  • October 2nd: Second constitution ratified by Ministry of Laws (the new name for Chamber of Laws)
  • October 13th: State visit to Molossia
  • October 15th: Province of Wenig Wyspa added to Caddia, which, as of October 2019, is the only colony of Caddia.
  • November 24th: Fat Cat passes away, period of mourning declared
  • December 1st: Joon made de facto mascot of Caddia


  • January 1st: Caddia celebrates first anniversary
  • February 1st: New Lindor becomes part of Caddia
  • February 25th: Series of great reforms begins
  • March 9th: Anthem changed, new flag considered
  • April 17th: Basics of Caddian language decided upon. Caddian is designed to be a mixture of Polish, Russian, and German, using the Polish alphabet.
  • May 29th: Presidents day celebrated for the second time
  • July 19th: Caddia attends MicroCon 2019, extending the diplomatic relations of Caddia
  • July 29th: Firearms banned in Caddia (excluding Airsoft and Nerf)
  • August 5th: Discord server for Caddia made, which would allow for even more diplomatic relations
  • September 8th: Caddia converts to metric
  • September 24th: Prime Minister Election announced, writing of the third constitution begins
  • October 1st: Flag election
  • October 13th: Ryan D. becomes Prime Minister
  • October 12th: Independence of Hong Kong recognized
  • October 14th: Caddia declares war on Stinocolus
  • October 15th: End of Stinocolan war
  • October 16th: Parliament and President elections announced
  • October 19th: War with Great Pacific Commonwealth
  • October 20th: Battle of Washington Park (also known as Fort Josef or Fort Joseph)
  • October 28th: New national anthem

Politics and government

The parliament has 6 seats and makes motions for bills to be passed. If a majority of the parliament members agree, it goes to the Ministry of Laws. There, the bill is ratified. Constitutional changes must be unanimous between parliament, the Ministry of Laws, Prime Minister, and President. If the president and/or the prime minister disagree, but everyone else agrees, they can push the president to change their mind. A president can be impeached if a majority of citizens want to. After that, they can form their own committee, which will be allowed to have 2 seats in parliament. Then, a good legal case must be built up, backed with evidence. If the parliament and Ministry of Laws agree that there is a good amount of impeachable conduct, then the president will have to go through a hearing. If after that the court finds the president guilty, he/she will be stripped of office. There will be immediate elections, and the prime minister will be president until the elections are over.

Law and order

The judicial system of Caddia is practically non-existent because the crime rate is at 0%. However, in the event of a court case, the defendant is considered innocent till proven guilty. There are fines for bribing judges and the jury. For lesser crimes, a jury consisted of citizens will be put together.

Foreign relations

Caddia has relations with Molossia and Cycoldia.


The military is split into the Caddian Defense Forces and the Caddian Navy. The Caddian Defense has engaged in the Battle of Washington, a victory for Caddia, and is currently involved in the Caddian-Pacific War. The Caddian Navy has not been deployed but has 1 raft, 2 boogie boards, and a stand-up paddleboard. The CDF is headed by Ari Telford, who is General of the Armies. Military service is not required. The CDF uses nerf and airsoft guns, and has 1 bow and arrow.

Geography and climate

The temperature of Caddia is overall warm. There are two seasons, a dry season and a wet season. During the dry season, there is much more sunlight and more foxtails. During the wet season, there used to be more rain, but overall it's marked by the green grass and the disappearance of the foxtails. The geography of Caddia is overall very flat, with only 1 big hill, and 1 big ditch. There's also very little trees and bushes, making it harder for troops to hide.


Caddia relies mostly on the egg industry for its exports, but there's also a small industry of agriculture. Imports include agriculture, furniture, clothing, and pretty much everything else. There are currently 3 businesses, and 1 restaurant is being planned. The currency of Caddia is the USD, but several different currencies have been experimented with, all ending in failure. Overall, Caddia is mostly middle class.

Culture and media

The first language of Caddia is English, with Caddian, Russian, and Polish also being recognized. The culture of Caddia is inspired by Eastern European culture. There are no schools in Caddia, so all students must go to the US. There's one television network, CBN, and 1 newspaper, the Eljastor Press. A radio station is also being planned, along with several television networks and a magazine.

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