Cabinet of Ministers (Galte)

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Ramsay Cabinet
1st ministry of Galte

Date formed 15 September 2021
People and organizations
Head of government Chris Ramsay
Head of state Prince Michael
Total no. of ministers 4
Member party National Front
People's Union
Status in legislature Majority
Opposition party People's Union
Opposition leader William Cooper
Election(s) 2021
Outgoing election 15 September 2021
Legislature term(s) 15 September 2021
Previous Atieran rule

The Cabinet of Ministers, officially His Royal Highness' Cabinet of Ministers , since 31 December 2021 His Serene Highness' Cabinet of Ministers, stylized HSH Cabinet of Ministers is the executive authority of Galte. The cabinet of ministers is chaired by the President of the Cabinet of Ministers usually styled Minister-President.

Logo Portfolio Name Term Party
Sovereign Prince Michael 28 November 2020 Reigning N/A
Seats in HSH Cabinet of Ministers
Minister-President Chris Ramsay,
Marquess of Otium
15 September 2021 Incumbent GNF
Minister of Integrity Liam Alexander,
Baron of Waterview
15 September 2021 Incumbent GNF
Minister of National Security Carson Snyder 15 September 2021 Incumbent GPU
Minister of Public Relations Larry Martin 15 September 2021 Incumbent N/A
Speaker of the Chamber 20 September 2021 3 January 2022