Cabinet of Iustus

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Babado I
6th ministry of Iustus
Iustus Government Logo.png
Date formed 2 July 2020
People and organizations
Head of government Lord Merrick
Head of state Austin I
Member party Democracy Party
Opposition party Faire Party of Iustus
Opposition leader Samuel Delesie
Election(s) TBD
Outgoing election October 2019 Iustian General Election
Legislature term(s) 2nd Parliament
Previous Obsidian II

The Sixth Cabinet of Iustus is the combined list of members appointed and headed by Prime Minister Lord Merrick, to serve His Royal Majestys' Government of the Empire of Iustus. The Cabinet was selected on 2 July and currently consists of a Prime Minister, a Chancellor, and 5 ministers.

Current members

Position Name Term
Prime Minister Lord Merrick 2 July 2020 - present
Chancellor Lord Patrick 23 November 2018 - present
Minister of the Interior Austin Jaax 18 October 2019 - present
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sir Jayden lycon 18 October 2019 - present
Minister of Immigration and Tourism Lord Merrick 18 October 2019 - present
Minister of Justice Newton von Uberquie 18 October 2019 - present
Minister of the Environment Sam Gutkara 14 December 2019 - present
Minister of Commerce Lord Merrick 18 October 2019- present