Copyright Office of Bepistan

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Copyright Office of Bepistan
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Agency overview
Formed 2019
Jurisdiction Bepistan Ministry of Justice
Headquarters Royal Residence, Bepistan
Agency executive Benjamin Martell, Director

Placeholder image used to notify the removal of copyrighted works.

The Copyright Office of Bepistan was established on May 20, 2019 as a way to protect documents and deal with their unlawful use. It is managed by the Bepistan Ministry of Justice, and copyright lawsuits are settled in the Su🅱reme Court of Bepistan.

Use-Code System

The Use-Code system was established to quickly and easily display what permissions a work registered to the C.O.O.B. has. It has a similar function to that of Creative Commons system, where owners decide which permissions to grant future users of the file.

It consists of one number and two letters to indicate different combinations of permissions granted by an author of a work. The number is first, indicating who can use the work. The first letter indicates modification permissions, and the final letter indicates whether the author wants credit to be given.

For example, the code "2BX" would indicate: The document is public, cannot be used by corporations or the government of other nations, and can be freely modified. Credit MUST be given to the creator of the document.

Table of Bepistan Copyright Codes
0 Use outside allowed page or site prohibited, document is only for display.
1 Public, anyone can use the document.
2 Public, but not for use by corporations or other governments.
3 Use by corporations or other governments only.
4 Use is designated by the document owner, e.g. specific people.
Letter Permissions
A Modification is NOT allowed.
B Modification IS allowed by all parties
C Modification is allowed only for the public.
D Modification is allowed only for corporations or foreign governments.
Letter Giving Credit?
X Credit MUST be given to the original author of the work.
Y Giving credit is optional.
Z Author wants to remain anonymous. Giving credit is prohibited.