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Iska Akaliazen.png
Spoken inIska Akaliazen
Writing system(s)Latin, Cyrillic
  • Katswich Languages
    • Classical Burkish
      • New Burkish
        • Anatolish

Anatolish, (Anatolish: Anatolili) formerly known as Burkish is the official language of The Republic of Iska Akaliazen along with Turkish. It is a constructed language.


It is spoken in Iska Akaliazen along with Turkish. Most of it's words come from Anatolian languages like Frigian, Lydian, and Hititte language. There are also words from several Indo-European languages and Circassian.


Early Burkish: Early Anatolish is created by Alexandr Katswich, founder of Iska Akaliazen in 2014. Speakers were changing the first and last letters of the Turkish words. The first created words were İska (people) and Akaliazen (State).

New Burkish: New Burkish started with several reforms, the language got huge reforms in this area.

Anatolish: Anatolish era started with reforms, giving the language it's current shape.

Linguistic Features


Anatolish is an Anatolian language. There are a lot of words from ancient Anatolian languages.


Pronouns of Anatolish
Anatolili English Turkish
Ten I Ben
Zik You (Singular) Sen
Ux He,she,it O
Tenar We Biz
Zikar You (plural) Siz
Uxar They Onlar


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