Bureau of the Royal Household(Huai Siao)

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Bureau of the Royal Household
Address Flag Huai siao.png
Empire of Huai Siao Mueang District capital
Agency overview
Formed 5 October 2017
Jurisdiction Flag Huai siao.pngEmpire of Huai Siao
Executive Prince Eun Jo(Secretary)
-(Deputy Secretary)
Under agency Privy Councilor
Scribe Department
Department of ceremonies
Department of Ambassadors
Department of the Royal Secretariat
Royal Guards Unit
Website Official website

The Bureau of the Royal Household (Thai: สำนักกรมวัง/สำนักพระราชวัง) is an agency that oversees the affairs of the Emperor. This agency has a large number of affiliates and is the agency that uses the most money in administration.

Basic information

Pictures of the celebrations of Emperor Pao. and civil servants in 2019

The Royal Palace is a large government center of Huai Siew. To allow civil servants to use them as offices and perform various ceremonies Including various royal palaces Different for the royal family. The palace is also where ceremonies are performed, for example, in the year 2020, a military service is appointed. And also a place to accommodate ambassadors and organize various events Which is reserved for the royal family in 2020, the royal palace has been further improved and has a semi-Chinese architecture and more Thai culture has been added. At present, the royal palace can be divided into

  • Royal palace

The front-level royal residence is used for various royal ceremonies. Such as the royal coronation And it is the place where the emperor has issued government officials from the past and up until the present. Despite the conversion to democracy, the place is reserved for the ceremonies.

  • Inner palace

The royal inner was a residence for the royal family and the nobles who were allowed and forbidden from ordinary people. Except with permission from the emperor as the residence of the King of the millennium The Emperor's wife included Emperor concubines And also including the royal family.

  • Palace for use as the office of government officials

In the palace, there is also a palace that is used as a government office for various ministries. And various government officials Come to work in the royal palace.

Under agency

Secretariat of the Royal Household

Order image Name Term in offic Appointed person
Prince Eun Jo
5 October 2017 - 4 December 2018
King David
Prince Eun Jo
1 January 2020 - present
Emperor Pao