Buadev presidential election, 2018

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Buadev presidential election, 2018
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  ShadyMorsi2016.jpg Florian.png
Nominee Shady Morsi Florian Leeuw
Party United Buadev Democratic
Home state Libertown Modevia
Running mate Samuel Bakker
(replacing Diyar Bakr)
Richard Nieuwenhuisen

  Sloos.jpg Tomek.png
Nominee Jordy Sloos Tomek Sloekers
Party Alt Right People's Party Communist Party of Buadev
Home state North Buache
Running mate Jo Signorelli Johannes Doorn

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Incumbent Chairman of the Republic

Anuar Laddas

The first quadrennial election in Buadev is scheduled for Saturday, March 10, 2018, Voters will select presidential electors who in turn will either elect a new president and vice president through the popular vote. All candidates has to register until February 1 . The final list will announced on the same day.


As signed by the Buadevian Constuition The President of Buadev is directly elected for a term of 2 years, As written in Article 10 of the Constitution of Buadev, a candidate for president must be at least 16 years old Parties are able to nominate a candidate to run for the office, Independent candidates have to collect at least 10 signatures

Nomination of candidates

Political parties could nominate a candidate without collecting signatures.


Candidate name, age,
political party
Political offices Campaign Details Registration date
Shady Morsi
United Buadev
Provisional Minister of Foreign Affairs
Morsi 2018 logo.png
Morsi is one of the founding fathers and Foreign Affairs minister of Buadev, On 12 January Morsi founded United Buadev as a vehicle for electoral politics. 12 January 2018
Florian Leeuw
Democratic Party
Provisional Minister of Culture
The newly formed party announced the nomination of Provisional Minister of Culture. Florian Leeuw as its candidate for the election in 20 January 2018 20 January 2018
Jordy Sloos
Alt-Right People's Party
N/A 5859b173711f64423aa5e050.png
After a 5 day long primaries Sloos was chosen to be the first presidential candidate for the ARPP 28 January 2018
Tomek Sloekers
Communist Party of Buadev
N/A Sloek.2018.png
The newly formed party nominated the trotskist Tomek Sloekers as presidential candidate 20 January 2018


United Buadev

Micronationalist and Provisional Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shady Morsi announced his intention to run for the presidency on 12 January 2018 he traveled to different cities across Buadev to open campaign offices and meet with his supporters, The primary focus of Morsi's campaign is combating climate change and to make Buadev more an isolationist nation. On 24 January Morsi's running mate Diyar Bakr resigned due to personal issues and was replaced with Samuel Bakker

Morsi's lists the main principles of his presidential program: combating climate change, improving the structure, focusing on getting independence instead of remaining a "micronation"


Florian Leeuw. Provisional Minister of Culture announced his presidential bid in January 2018 as the candidate for the Democrats, In the initial contest of the primaries season, Leeuw won in a landslide over Richard Nieuwenhuisen His policies is about income and wealth inequality, which he argued is eroding the middle class, and on campaign finance reform. In January, Leeuw stated that he will be visiting several major cities across the country to raise support.

Alt Right

Initially the Alt Right conducted primaries which were attended by 2 candidates: Jordy Sloos, and Jo Signorelli .Pepe the Frog was also a write in candidate it was decided to nominate Sloos hastley due the deadline.

According to Sloos, the main task of participation in election is to "uncuck Buadev"


Opinion polls

Result of the First Polls