Irish Federation of Breco

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Irish Federation of Breco
Flag of Irish Federation of Breco
Coat of arms of Irish Federation of Breco
Coat of arms
Motto: "Service Over Self"
LocationCalifornia, USA
Louisiana, USA
Official languagesEnglish
Irish (Gaelic)
Ethnic groups (2022)
  • 100% White
• Marshal of the Federation
Scott Jeanes
• Vice-Marshal
Connor McGue
Establishment6 May 2022
CurrencyUS Dollar (de facto)
Dracul Mark (ψ) (CDM)
Time zonePST
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+1

The Irish Federation of Breco, is a Micronation, formerly a territory of Dracul.



Breco is derived from the Military and Political group Brecovitch Bratva.


The flag of Breco consists of a red and blue field meaning “truth and sacrifice” and the seal of the Brecovitch Bratva.


The grand seal of Breco consists of a wreath of wheat and cotton symbolizing the unity of the South and West Oblast’s of the Territory wrapped in a red banner. The seal of the Brecovitch Bratva over the rays of the sun symbolizing the Bratva’s leadership for a higher purpose. The green hill with river for the South and the golden hill with mountains for the West. The globe symbolizing Breco’s place among the micronational community.


The Territory of Breco is a territory of the Commonwealth of Dracul introduced by Connor McGue and Scott Jeanes.

Breco annexed the former territory of Arcadia designating it as Porta Oblast and the Territorial Capital.

Breco is home to the Fenian Guard which holds much of the military and political seats of the territory.


Breco is a landlocked territory surrounded on all sides by the State of Louisiana and California.

Porta Oblast

Porta Oblast is Breco’s most western territory landlocked by the state of California, USA. With a mostly dry climate, it is referred as the “Golden Grasslands” due to its dry flora. The capital of Breco, Rezninsk, resides in Porta as well as the headquarters for the Armed Forces.

Moderia Oblast

Moderia Oblast is Breco’s southern territory landlocked by the state of Louisiana, USA. Having a humid climate year round it is the “Emerald Wetlands” of the territory. The seat of the Oblast is Felgrad and the headquarters of the Political Bureau.


Breco is a military governance where all facets of political office and defense are manned by military personnel and Veterans. The government functions as a military unit with some leniency in order to fulfill diplomatic and legislative tasks.


The Marshal is Field Marshal Scott Jeanes who functions much like a president and is commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

Political Bureau

The Political Bureau is a branch of the military that is tasked with conducting all legislative, diplomatic, trade, and civil service functions. The Political Bureau is commanded by the General Minister, General Connor McGue.

General Committee

The General Committee consists of cabinet members and community leaders and form the legislative branch of Breco. The General Committee is overseen by the Political Bureau and Chaired by the General Minister.


Breco holds a court system much like many republics, with federal courts and municipal. The court system of Breco is overseen by the Judge Advocate Corps. Currently many cases are reverted to Dracul’s courts.

Foreign relations

Breco’s foreign relations are allowed under its own authority to create relations with other territories and sovereign nations in the micro community.


The populace of Breco consists of Citizens and Residents where service to the territory is required in order to earn Citizenship.


Residents of Breco are people who simply reside in the territory under its protection. A Resident does not have the right to vote nor the ability to serve in political office.


Citizens are those who complete a term of service of no less than one year in the military or one year and six months in the national militia. A Citizen has the right to vote and is granted the opportunity to gain political office.

In lieu of Citizenship one can be actively serving in the military or Political Bureau in order to participate in the functioning of the government but must still fulfill a one year term before gaining higher office.

Fenian Guard

The Fenian Guard is an association of military and political elites within the territory and abroad and serves as the territory’s quasi high command.

Membership is only by invitation and extremely difficult to attain. The leaders of the Guard are unknown to the public, however it is known that both Scott Jeanes and Connor McGue are members.

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