Bread Doge Republic

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Bread Doge known by the formal name Republic Of Bread Doge is a self-declared nation, commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers, located in Cavite City, Philipines. The current leader of the micronation is Dominick Vince Guzman.

founded on The mid of 2019, Dominick Started recruiting people in his school. growing at the number of 25 after the end of 2020

Bread Doge Republic
Flag of
Official languagesEnglish,Tagalog
GovernmentSocial Federate State
• Chairman
Dominick Vince Guzman
• Prime Minister
Clarkent Shirakawa
• Estimate

First Bread Doge Empire was formed at August 2020, council of 5 (Clark, Dominick, Armin, Vlad, Neil) was created to rule the facebook group of 175+ members.

First BreadDoge Civil war

October–November 2020

When Neil tried to declared independence the coucil fought against him. Vlad convinced Dominick to join their side leading to Vlad's betrayal and kicking for other admins, from 175 members the group lost 40 of its members and many others created their own groups such as: Memewoash (now Meinbass), Banana Republic (Neil) (UBDF, United BreadDoge Federation (Vlad)),) (TOTC(Clark), (UAF(Armin/Zai)

BreadDoge Restoration

July 2021

After a year of humiliation, The founding leader of BreadDoge empire Dominick Guzman decided to Restore BreadDoge using an fallen division of TOTC, it just took a week to restore but many attempts through out 2021. The tradition of all members using the customizable BreadDoge profile picture made more people join the 2nd BreadDoge empire.

Present Day

BreadDoge has planned to arm 20 people in it's local area with pellet guns by the start of January 2022, in order to have war with other people from other towns. we also have planned to start a partisan movement with other 30 people in my local area if China invaded Philippines. spreading the word of God is also BDE's Mission.

Portrait Of Chariman Dominick Vince Guzman