Brady I of Bradonia

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Brady I
HGM Brady I of Bradonia.png
Brady I in 2022
King of Bradonia
Reign10 October 2020–present
PredecessorPosition Established
Heir presumptiveUnspecified
Born5 December 2005 (2005-12-05) (age 16)
Full name
Brady Wilten-Iontavich Griffin
FatherJoseph Griffin
MotherJulie Griffin
OccupationHeavenly King-Emperor of Bradonia

Brady Wilten-Iontavich Griffin (born December 5, 2005) is the King, the founding father of the Kingdom of Bradonia, a writer, philosopher, a businessman, and a self-proclaimed "crusader". Bradonia Griffin claims to be the "reincarnation" of Baron Roman von Ungern Sternberg, a Russian Baron who took over Mongolia and attempted to recreate the Mongolian Empire. Griffin adopted the title, with respect for the Barron due to his staunch pan-monarchist views which Griffin similarly shares. Griffin is also the CEO of the Griffin Foundation, a pan-monarchist, and anti-social and political modernity organization.

Brady Griffin originally established the "Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia" on August 9th, 2020, as a liberal anocratic state, however, it was later reformed into the Kingdom of Bradonia as a constitutional monarchy. Government instability plagued the Kingdom of Bradonia until very recently when, absolutism was introduced in order to combat government instability, and as a result, the government has become more stable, due to better leadership, and competence from the King, which focuses on traditionalism, absolutism, and internal development, rather than external diplomacy and discord democracy.

Unlike most micronationalists, who are involved in more than one micronation, Brady Griffin is only involved in the Kingdom of Bradonia, and holds no other titles or awards outside of Bradonia. This is due to's Griffin's huge criticization of "discord democracy" and views the idea with disgust, stating that "it is stupid because a single individual could hold a huge amount of influence in micronations that are not theirs", and as result, both Griffin and Bradonia often stay out of foreign affairs, and mostly remain isolationist.

Non-micronational life

Brady Wilten-Iontavich Griffin was born on December 5, 2005, in Austin, Texas, as the middle child of Joseph Griffin and Julie Griffin. At around the age of four, Griffin would go to preschool and eventually kindergarten at local schools however, due to Julie and Joseph thing that those types of schools were not good for Griffin, they decided to send Griffin to a local charter school for the first grade, and school Griffin would remain in until 11th grade. Around the 5th grade, Griffin, every summer, would begin to travel around the country alongside his grandfather, who would take Griffin to see many states and cities across the country with Colorado being a favorite of Griffin.

Griffin in the 6th grade would eventually go to middle school, which Griffin would describe as "mediocre". Griffin was known for being very awkward and would only have a few friends during this time, however around this time, would see Griffin become very interested in making YouTube videos, and video games, such as Roblox and Minecraft. This would cause Griffin to upload YouTube videos to his channel, however, the channel and videos were eventually deleted due to Griffin "regretting that decision". Around the 7th grade, Griffin would get into history, from watching Oversimplified videos and from History class, this would eventually lead Griffin to develop a deep interest in history which continues to this day.

Around the 8th grade, something catastrophic would happen that would eventually change his course from a normal schoolboy to a crusader king, and "the eventual societal downfall" in his opinion. This is because of the impact the coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine had on the population, and in his opinion how people acted during the pandemic, would eventually drive Griffin mad, due to "how low society has gotten" in his opinion" due to how he perceived people to act during the pandemic. This would play a huge impact on the eventual creation of Bradonia and his future monarchical-nationalist rhetoric, and Griffin's ideology overall. This would also have the effect of Griffin turning staunchly against modern society, due to "how unprofessional, disrespectful and politicalized modern society has gotten" in his opinion. This would also lead to Griffin viewing modern culture increasing negatively.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Griffin would eventually come to learn of the "Mapping Community" where there would be talking countries who invaded each other in fake scenarios, which Griffin thought was amazing, he would try to be a mapper but wasn't very fond of it, and so just stuck to watching mapping video's rather than making them. Around August 2020 Griffin would find out about micronations from a video he watched, and would quickly be interested in micronationalism. This would eventually lead to the creation of Bradonia, a few days later as the Bradonian State, which would be his first and only micronation.

2021, saw Griffin finally return to High School after a year of quarantine however, Griffin was quite depressed and became very incompetent in both political and social matters, as he had few friends, and was alienated in the micronational community after many diplomatic crises with many micronations making him an unliked individual in the community, both in his sector and nationally. It would get so bad that Bradonia had three dissolution crises that threatened to dissolve Bradonia permanently, however, Griffin never gave up on Bradonia, and Bradonia would barely manage to pull through, alongside this his personal life got better, and Griffin became more competent and eventually less depressed, and eventually would lead to a "revanchist mindset", which would allow for Bradonia and Griffin to carry on into 2022, however, Griffin was very unstaffed with 2021, and made it his goal for 2022 to be a much better year.

2022, would turn out to be a much better year, for both Griffin and Bradonia, as his "revanchist mindset" would lead to Griffin not giving up easily, and as a result acting much more competently and effectively. This would eventually lead Griffin to a new era of prosperity, which continues to this day.

Micronational career

Griffin after establishing Bradonia as a "Liberal Autocracy", Griffin wouldn't really do much with Bradonia for the first few months, as Bradonia was mostly an underdeveloped isolationist state, with failing leadership, with its only redeeming quality being, its early territorial expansion, which allowed Bradonia to gain more land and citizens. Griffin during the time of the "Bradonian State" would write law's in a green book, and wouldn't have much development other than that, other than the " Bradonian Chat" chat room.

When it came time for Griffin to join the micronational community, after discovering its existence, it would open up a lot of opportunities for Bradonia, as it would see nation-building Bradonia go to new lengths, and would see both a declaration of independence and a constitution be made. Bradonia would also engage in diplomacy, mostly with nations in the Texan Sector, but this would not last, as the Bradonian-Brieniean Crisis would humiliate Bradonia and diplomatically alienate it from the different micronational sectors, as well as Bradonia getting banned from the MicroWiki communications for a total of two weeks.

Bradonia under Griffin's leadership for the first year would see many constant struggles and drama due to the incompetence in leadership at the time, Griffin's radical leftism, wouldn't help either, as Griffin during the few months of Bradonia was very against religion and banned it within Bradonia, it also didn't help that government instability made Bradonia change government's at least once every month. This incompetence would change during the Bradonian Civil War which saw Hosenburg under Brady's father, Joseph Griffin attempt to declare the Hosenburgian Empire, an absolute monarchy that sought to abolish the Bradonian nation, but this attempt was stopped quickly as it had begun. This made it very clear that reform was needed within Bradonia, and Griffin decided to restore the monarchy, due to Bradonia being communist at the time.

The April Crash or April Crisis saw an opportunity for Bradonia to become a communist government under a one-party state, and it was very close to happening however it failed and the monarchist status quo was maintained, after becoming diplomatically isolated. Diplomatic incompetence would continue until the second era of absolutist rule, where Griffin would begin to become more right-wing, and more competent at ruling Bradonia, which would eventually see Griffin quit micronational diplomacy by the end of the summer, due to Griffin being tired of, simulationism and discord democracy's, both of which were frequent in the micronational community.

Around October 2021, Bradonia would see another massive nation-building process, which would see the restoration of the Presbyterian faith in Bradonia, Griffin graduating from the Molossian Naval Academy, and Bradonia changing into a Kingdom, after Griffin realized how weak of an Emperor he was, the constitutional monarchy was also restored within Bradonia, with both the September and January constitutions being written within the Kingdom.

2022, began greatly for Bradonia, as Bradonia under Griffin's leadership, began a social media purge, in an effort to get rid of the effects social media had in the country, which would end up to be highly successful, with Discord being permanently banned, and other platforms like TikTok and Twitter being massively reduced in usage, despite both being banned. Bradonia also saw diplomatic engagements, as it reconciled with King Alexander Constantine of the Monmarkian Commonwealth and began relations with the Republic of Meytallia in exchange for bilateral relations, and saw Bradonia Network change from WordPress to blogger.

Bradonia, would also tradition into an absolute monarchy, after it was made very clear that constitutional monarchy wouldn't work in Bradonia, this change was very successful for Bradonia, and it made for a much more effective government. Bradonia would also acquire the Holy Bradonic Violet Church after making a deal with Telesphore Bartolomee to acquire the church when he abdicated, however he quickly had to give independence to the Holy Violet Church in order to appease the Occitatin micronations.

So today, under Griffin's leadership, Bradonia is one of the most powerful micronation within Texas and is considered the political hegemon of the Greater Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth area, and despite being somewhat a regional power it is still a very strong nation, with very strong cultures and traditions that are celebrated all across Bradonia.

Speeches and quotes


"It is people like you that make me this way" - Griffin, March 2021

""People will do as they please without consequence unless there is order to achieve such consequence and so ,jingo by jingo, so order it shall be"." - Griffin, 2021

"So while you may think you are heroic SJW that the Australian people can look up to, but to me, you are just another big butthurt baby, that is butthurt over not being the corrupt president of Australia." - Griffin, addressing a radical.

""When something is blocked always use a VPN and hope for the best"" - Griffin, 2022

"" The only good thing about LA is In N Out "" - Griffin, 2022

"I wake up early waiting for the day to happen to try to show my confidence only to realize how bogged down I have become when attempting to do so." - Griffin, 2022

"Hand on hand, sword on sword, dagger on dagger we shall fight in the fields, we shall fight in the plains and we shall succeed in doing such." - Griffin, 2022

"It is my intention that I give them a fight, to show them my strengths to show them what I am capable of" - Griffin, 2021

"and as pathetic as I seem to light myself as, if there is one thing I judge more than myself, it’s the stupidity of other people" - Griffin, 2021


"When in regards to your question, I would rightfully accept leadership of the Holy Violet Church as it has always been a dream for me to lead such a church, as I do not want nor wish for the church to fall to waste once again, and so it is only natural that we the Bradonians take care of the Holy Violet Church. You can rest easy knowing the Holy Violet Church rests in Bradonian hand's nice and comfy. I wish you well in your effort's and his Grateful Majesty thank you for his effort of keeping the Holy Violet Church alive."

"When in regards to the Show, High Guardian Spice, I believe that the creators of this show, are lunatics, who know nothing of how to make a good story, and who rather want to politicize the population and separate us, and while anime may have its place here in the Kingdom, the same couldn't be said for radical feminism, and I believe wholeheartedly, that radical feminism has no place in Bradonia, and neither doe's anime that promotes such content."

Titles and styles

Grand Style

By the Heavenly Grace of God, His Heavenly Grateful Exalted Royal Majesty, Brady Wilten-Iontavich Griffin I, King-Emperor of Bradonia, Holy Patriarch of the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia, Holy Patriarch of the Holy Bradonic Violet Church, Prince of Hosenburg, Prince of Griffinberg, Duke of Sakuria, Duke of Austin, Lord Protector of Bradistadt, Grand Master of the Grand Bradonian Order, Defender of the New World Order, Grand Admiral of the Pacific Ocean, 1st Reincarnation of Roman von Ungern Sternberg

Noble titles

Kingdom of Bradonia King-Emperor of Bradonia
Kingdom of Bradonia King of Bradonia
Kingdom of Bradonia Holy Patriarch of the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia
Kingdom of BradoniaPurple-Flag.jpg Holy Patriarch of the Holy Bradonic Violet Church (as Rukuanth)
Kingdom of Bradonia Prince of Hosenburg
Kingdom of Bradonia Prince of Griffinburg
Kingdom of Bradonia Duke of Sakuria
Kingdom of Bradonia Duke of Austin
Kingdom of Bradonia Lord Protector of Bradistadt
Kingdom of Bradonia Grand Master of the Great Bradonian Order
Kingdom of Bradonia Defender of the New World Order
Kingdom of Bradonia Grand Admiral of the Pacific Ocean
Kingdom of Bradonia 1st Reincarnation of Roman von Ungern Sternberg

Religious titles

Purple-Flag.jpg Holy Patriarch of the Holy Bradonic Violet Church (as Rukuanth)


Styles by micronations

Micronation Titles
Bradonia By the Heavenly Grace of God, His Heavenly Grateful Exalted Royal Majesty, Brady Wilten-Iontavich Griffin I, King of Bradonia, Paternal Patriarch of the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia, Holy Patriarch of the Holy Bradonic Violet Church, Prince of Hosenburg, Prince of Griffinburg, Duke of Sakuria, Duke of Austin, Lord Protector of Bradistadt, Grand Master of the Grand Bradonian Order, Defender of the New World Order and Grand Admiral of the Pacific Ocean

Styles by micronational organisations

Micronation Titles
Holy Bradonic Violet Church By the Heavenly Grace of Violet God, His Holiness Rukuanth, Holy Patriarch of the Holy Bradonic Violet Church

Awards and decorations

National honours

  •  Bradonia:
    • Bradonian Imperial Ribbon.png Grand Crusader of the Bradonic People (13 April 2022)
    • Bradonian Imperial Ribbon.png Savior of the Heavenly Bradonic People (13 April 2022)
    • Bradonian Imperial Ribbon.png Grand Master of the Great Bradonian Order (13 April 2022)
    • Bradonian Imperial Ribbon.png Grand Admiral of the Pacific Ocean (30 October 2021)
    • Bradonian Imperial Ribbon.png Defender of the Bradonian New World Order (13 April 2022)