Republic of Borkenfels

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Republic of Borkenfels / Têftúnin Bórkenfêls

Król unv ti | Friede der Welt
Aus der Asche auferstanden - to the melody of "Auferstanden aus Ruinen"
Central Europe
Capital cityAlt-Borkenfels
Largest cityHoogland
Official language(s)German, Ceticilian (and formerly Sprelish)
Short nameBorken
Area claimed3.07 hectares
Population3 citizens 6 total
Time zoneUTC+1, UTC+2 (Summer)
National animalPigeon

Borkenfels (formerly known as Sprelbuerg) is a province of Ceticilia founded in 2011, it is the oldest province of Ceticilia preceding the nation of Ceticilia's birth by five years. It became part of Ceticilia as "Territory of Sprelbuerg" in 2016 and was admitted into Ceticilia later the same year.

Sonnberg, the biggest city

It consists out of the following wards:
Neuheim, Nord-Borkenfels (until 2018-08-24 Nord-Neuheim), Hoogland (Hógland), Sonnberg (Zonbérg) and Alt-Borkenfels.


The Republic of Sprelbuerg existed from 2011–2016 and was founded by Aqua until it was made part of Ceticilia, originally as inuncorporated territory. Though Borkenfels was an open republic which had voting rights for every citizen, usually only people in the People's Party voted in presidential elections. The last presidential election was held in 2013. Nearing the end of the republic a new flag Sprelbuerg.png was adapted that ultimately replaced the old flag Sprelbuerg .png.


Presidential Candidates

Party Name Popular vote
Borkian Presidential Candidates
Sprelbuerg Workers Party/Jenkins Aqua
2 / 4
Sprelbuerg Workers Party/Jenkins not listed for privacy reasons
1 / 4
Sprelbuerg Workers Party/Jenkins not listed for privacy reasons
1 / 4


Party Name Popular vote
Borkian Governor Candidates
Ceticilian Alliance Aqua
3 / 3
Ceticilian Alliance Nico
0 / 3
independent Sinan
0 / 3


Borkenfels (Sprelbuerg) Capital Union Referendum

On 2017-10-21 it was proposed by Aqua that Sprelbuerg and the Capital Territory join together if the referendum decides so. The citizens of both (making up the joint parliament) unanimously agreed that the referendum should take place. It was decided that permanent residents of Sprelbuerg and the Capital Territory may have a vote too.
The referendum resulted in 100% in favor of joining the capital territory into Sprelbuerg.

Political History

List of Sprelbuergian Heads of State

Number Name Date of inauguration End of term Term length Notes Political party/Majority Party/Coalition Vote
List of Ceticilian Heads of States
1 President Aqua early 2011 2013-07-22 about 2 years records lost Jenkins unknown
1 President/Governor Aqua 2013-07-22 2017-10-12 4 years, 2 months, 20 days !election -> October 2017 Jenkins
2 / 4
1 Governor Aqua 2017-10-12 incumbent CA .png
3 / 3