Border Enforcement Agency

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Border Enforcement Agency

Established 4 April 2019
Home Secretary Lord William Wilson, Count of Oribrazos
Commissioner HG Bradley, Duke of Dullahan
Headquarters N/A

The Border Enforcement Agency, also known as the BEA, is a government agency of the Empire of Austenasia responsible for the security of Austenasia's borders. BEA agents are stationed in every city and town of the Empire, and they ensure that no exiled individuals or illegal items travel over the border.

The Border Enforcement Agency is accountable to the Home Office in accordance with the ministry's responsibility to oversee border control. The BEA is headed by a Commissioner, appointed by the Home Secretary with the consent of the Prime Minister.


# Photograph Name Term began Term ended Notes
1. BradleyPope.jpg HG Bradley, Duke of Dullahan 6 April 2019 Incumbent Appointed the first Commissioner of the BEA by Home Secretary Lord Karl Friedrich, Baron of Aurora.