Bodekian Army

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Bodekian Army
Bodeki COA.png
Motto "In omnibus actibus fata unius pendeat"
Founded 2019
Headquarters Molouns, Bodeki
General of Army None

The Bodekian Army is the primary military division of Bodeki. The Bodekian Army currently has no one serving as their leading General, and is commanded bythe king like any other branch. The Bodekian Army was formed in 2019 after the dissolution of the Office of the Prime Minister


The Bodekian Army contains 21 pay grades. The only rank higher than the General of Army would be the Monarch which commands all military branches and gives all orders.

High Commanding Officer

  • BDM-5 General of the Army
  • BDM-4 General
  • BDM-3 Lieutenant General
  • BDM-2 Major General
  • BDM-1 Brigidear General


  • JHC-3 Colonel
  • JHC-2 Lieutenant Colonel
  • JHC-1 Major
  • BAO-4 Captain
  • BAO-3 First Lieutenant
  • BAO-2 Second Lieutenant
  • BAO-1 Warrant Officer


  • BA-9 Sergeant Major of the Army
  • BA-8 Sergeant Major
  • BA-7 Staff Sergeant
  • BA-6 Sergeant
  • BA-5 Corporal
  • BA-4 Specialist
  • BA-3 Private First Class
  • BA-2 Private
  • BA-1 Enlisted