Bluenoser Media Cooperation

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Bluenoser Media Cooperation
Founded23 November 2018
FounderArchie Birch
Canton of Acadia
Number of locations
Key people
Archie Birch (CEO)
BrandsThe Bobwhite Gazette
Radio Misberia
WebsiteBobwhite Gazette

The Bluenoser Media Cooperation, otherwise known as the BMC, is the main news and entertainment provider in the Principality of Misberia and oversees the social media presence of Misberia and provides news through the Bobwhite Gazette and music through Radio Misberia. The BMC has been around since November 2018 as the Misberian Times.


The Bluenoser Media Cooperation was first formed on November 23rd 2018 as the Misberian Times and focused on Misberian affairs and events going on in the nation. The Misberian Times covered some massive events from Misberian history like its first diplomatic event, the Siguam Crisis, the passing of Maria Birch and the Imperialization of Misberia. On October 30th 2020 the Misberian Times was accepted to become the newspaper for the Antonian Empire, following this approval the company renamed itself the Halcyon-Aci Observer to better represent its coverage. Following the name change, the Halycon-Aci Observer was notable for its coverage of the awards of Misberia and the ongoings of Antonia for its Halcyon Convention which was made to define "micronational war". On January 1st 2021, CEO Archie Birch changed the name and direction of the company to become more community focused and changed its name to the Bobwhite Gazette. Following the restructuring of Misberia, the Bluenoser Media Cooperation was founded to oversee all media and news publications and other services in Misberia.


Bobwhite Gazette

The Bobwhite Gazette Corp or otherwise called the Bobwhite Gazette is a micronational company which focuses on monthly micronational news from around the community. The Bobwhite Gazette currently employs one person, that being the CEO, Archie Birch. The Bobwhite Gazette currently has over 35 issues published to date.


Radio Misberia

Radio Misberia or RMIS is an organization, that provides live or recorded audio content such as, music, newscasts and sports, over a group of radio or television stations.