State of North Blastnya

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This page is about North Blastnya, for other uses, see Blastnya (disambugation)

North Blastnya

Bendera Blastnya Utara.PNGLambang Blastnya Utara.png

State of William Ranger Kingdom
Motto: Уильям Рейнджер без демократии (lit. Democraciless William Ranger)
William Ranger Kingdom
Capital William Plaza
Founded 9 April 2012 (as United Blastnya)
3 February 2013 (North Blastnya)
Disestablished 2 April 2013
Governor William Timothy

North Blastnya (Russian Cyrillic Translation:СЕВЕР БЛACTNEA) is one of the state in William Ranger Kingdom, declared in 9 April as United Blastnya and led by William Timothy

Etymology and History

Blastnya inspired by a communist party in William Ranger and Petrovakian Federation. The name is taken from Heavy Weapon Level 2: Blastnya, similiar to Petrovakia from Petrovakian Federation. Blastnya itself established in 2012. 1 year later, communism banned which resulting seperation of North Blastnya and South Blastnya