Biscoe Islands

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Biscoe Islands is a series of islands, of which the principal ones are Renaud Island, Lavoisier Island (named Serrano by Chile and Mitre by Argentina), Watkins Island, Krogh Island, Pickwick Island and Rabot Island, lying parallel to the west coast of Graham Land and extending 150 km (81 nmi) between Southwind Passage on the northeast and Matha Strait on the southwest. There are over 60 islands in the Biscoe Islands and 6 are major! The Biscoe Islands are territory of the Kingdom of Sycamore. Another group of islands are the Adolph Islands. The islands are named for John Biscoe, the commander of a British expedition which explored the islands in February 1832. The islands are now claimed by the Kingdom of Sycamore.
Biscoe Islands
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Languages spoken English

Country Kingdom of Sycamore