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Birchism was officially created on 8 March 2020 after the United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum was dissolved on the 5 March 2020. Birchism was founded as a method to interpret and study the failings and successes of the Misberian nation since its foundation back in 2015. On 10 March 2020, Archie Birch meet with the old Misberian Founders Council and discussed bringing Misberia back under the principles of Birchism, after a few concessions, Misberia was revived on March 15th 2020 under the Misberian Confederacy.


The following are the main principles of Birchism:

  • Expansion of a nation shall only be accomplished where the eye can see and remain small in size in terms of citizenship, government and land claiming.
  • Government interference in the economy shall only be limited to taxation on large purchases, racketeering and other forms of fraud.
  • The government shall help the population with medical, energy, resources when needed and shall not stockpile unless in times of national crisis.
  • People are entitled to a place to live and settle, taxation on a property is the only form of taxation by the government and landowners.
  • Individual freedoms of all kinds can not be hindered by the government unless when there is a suspicion, plan or has been harm done to the population.
  • LGBTQ and religious freedoms shall be upheld by the government as a pillar for safe protection and for a way people to express themselves and be who they are.
  • The government shall always protect, respect and nurture the Earth and ecological concerns are high on the list of concerns for the government to tackle.
  • A government encouraged time when dependencies on modern technology is limited or not present.
  • Diplomatic relationships shall only be established with nations, organisations and other bodies when more can be benefited for both parties past basic diplomacy.
  • Diversity shall always be upheld by the government and be one the government has a very active role in protecting.
  • The government has crisis plans to ensure the stability of the nation in most situations, sudden situations that arise will be dealt with by the entire government.
  • Militaries are to only be used for defence and the betterment of the population.
  • Strict qualifications for the citizenry and government positions.
  • Unions and political parties are encouraged and are seen as apart of the government's promise to ensure individual freedoms are upheld.

Government Structure

The nation is led by a single council, called a Directorate. This directorate is made up of members of the nation and community. The members are the ones who lead, decide and direct the nation into the community, legislation, and diplomacy. No final decision is made unless the idea has two-thirds approval from the Directorate. The Directorate is made up of qualified individuals who are knowledgeable and know what they are speaking about and can provide evidence on such knowledge.

Natural Connection

The government looks to the growth of a tree and its life cycle as metaphors and guidance.

Political Parties

Poltical Parties of Birchism in Micronations
Logo Party Name Nation Status Membership
Birchist party.png Birchist Party Uber-Essian Union Defunct 1


Birchism Manifesto: