Billy Thompson

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His Grace Lord Sir Billy Thompson COA BA
President of the Red Green Alliance
Assumed office
5 September 2019
Predecessor Lord Maude
Birth name Billy Thompson
Citizenship United Kingdom, Empire of Adammia
Political party Labour Party, Liberal Democrats
Residence Astonville, Metchlia
Occupation Student

His Grace Lord Sir Billy Richard Thompson, 1st Duke of Metchlia COA BA is currently the leader of the Red Green Alliance in the Empire of Adammia.

Non-micronational life

Thompson is an undergraduate student of the University of Birmingham.

Micronational career

Thompson was introduced to Adammia when he began a relationship with Lady Sophie Thornton, Duchess of Greater Tytannia, in April 2019. He became a citizen in July 2019, and joined the Labour Party. In August 2019, parts of his term-time residence were claimed as the county of Astonia, part of the province of Metchlia. On 5 September 2019, Labour leader Lord Sam Maude handed over the party leadership to Thompson, and several days later, Thompson rebranded the party as the Red Green Alliance. Thompson led the party into the 2019 general election, finishing in third place with 3 out of 13 seats.




Billy Thompson
House of Thompson
Noble titles
Preceded by
Office established
Duke of Metchlia
21 September 2019 - present
Succeeded by
Party political offices
Preceded by
Lord Sam Maude
as President of the Labour Party
President of the Red Green Alliance
5 September 2019 - present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Marcie Winstanley
Birmingham University Labour Students Campaigns Officer
18 March 2019 - May 2019
Succeeded by
Josh Groves
Preceded by
Emily Chomicz
Treasurer of University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats
17 October 2019 - 4 May 2020
Succeeded by
Rosie Burningham

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