Beterist-Plagonian relations

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In the Spring of 2018, a Beterist renounced his Beterist membership and declared a new micronation: The Plagonian Democratic Republic. It was a police state devoted to Cleteristan’s demise. Tensions rose, but Foreign Minister Dylan AJR met with Supreme Dictator Chatty Chong and came to an agreement of a buffer zone. Beterist government officials agreed that there could be a war within a year, one that would surely be lost.

Luckily, in October of that year a free trade agreement was signed, and Plauge swore to protect Cleteristan. And about two weeks later, on 17 October 6000 Schleter (60 USD) was paid to Plauge along with 500 every year for the next three years. And so the Plagonian capital became part of Cleteristan.

Plauge still exists, but is significantly less important, and is not commonly regarded by Beterists as a nation any longer, except by the Beterist government.