Bermond Island

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Républic of Bermond Island
Flag of républic of Bermond island
Coat of arms of Bermond Familly
Coat of arms
Motto: "Never give up"
Anthem: "National anthem"
Territories of Bermond Island
Territories of Bermond Island
Locationîle Bermond, Marseille, France
Largest cityMARSEILLE
Official languagesFrench, English
Recognised national languagesFrench,
Recognised regional languagesProvençal, Esperanto
Ethnic groups
  • 50% Local
  • 50% Worldwide
GovernmentDecentralized Monanarch republic
LegislatureAgora to OnBoard citizen and Parliament by Network
from France
• Independence
25 septembre 2022 à 9h50
• Constitution ratified
• Water (%)
• Estimate
Time zoneUTC-2 (XST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.dao
Bermond Familly
Crypto Monanarchy
Parent familyClan of Bermond der Burgonden
EtymologyBear protector
FounderBermond der Burgonden
Current headNicolas II fr
TitlesCrypto Monanarch
Mottoplus fidei et fidelitati quam vitam
WIP 60%

The Bermond Islands (les îles Bermond[1] in French) are first of all a global program of a micronation, a work on roots and history of familly Bermond, a game of e-reputation to play with full power of GAFAM and a lab to design and develop a full service of governance (DAO[2]). This project could be qualified of research, art and developpement.


The Bermond island are a group of islands located in France. The first one is located in Sigean[3] and was for a long time called Sainte Lucie, but medieval sources almost always prefer to refer to this island under the much older name of Ile de Cauquenne or Ile Bermond. The second one is in the national park of the Calanques in Marseille

(GPS 43°16'48.0"N 5°17'09.8"E)

There are certainly others that have not yet been identified.


The idea of republic and micronation is anchored in the Family since the dawn of time. They fought against Saint Louis in the 12th century who wanted to reunite the kingdom of France. The Bermond who did not wish a centralization of the power lost in an unequal fight, Anduze, Sauve and Sommières.[4] The Republic of the Bermond Islands was born with the aim of promoting decentralization and putting freedom as a principle of life at the heart of all decisions.

The republic of Bermond Islands, self-proclaimed as a micronation in 1340, aims to reflect on virtual-real borders and decentralization. It has since 1200 studied property rights that protect it from the abuses of the royal officials.[3] For the Bermonds centralization is a major problem for humanity. Today, as a descendant, Nicolas II Fr (Nicolas Bermond) decided to exploit it again to make it a space of freedom. Taking up the values of the Bermond coat of arms "Libertas tamquam principium vitae et illimitata libertas" Freedom as a principle of life and freedom without limits. For this reason, it offers citizenship to people who have the ambition to open new roads, new ways and therefore the possibility to live differently. The objective is to encourage encounters and love by opening a space where individuals have the possibility to express themselves and create freely. But above all, to give everyone the means to blossom and express themselves in an authentic way. The Republic of the Bermond Islands recognizes the Free Republic of Frioul.

Etymology and coat of arms

More faith and fidelity as a model of life, or, a bear rampant sable gorged with a harness argent, supporting a sword sheathed with the same. The name Bermond, meaning, in old Germanic language, "valiant bear", the bear armed with a sword is also well placed in the arms of this family. The Bermond family is one of the oldest in France, since, as early as the time of Charlemagne, in 813, a Bermond was governor of Lyon and count of Auvergne.


The island Bermond of Sigean, Bérenger the not insignificant sum of 4000 under of the same currency to repurchase the fief which held in the island Bermond of Sigean and the summary of the act is interesting in that it shows that it was necessary to push aside on this occasion the claims of the viscount of Narbonne Aymeri III. The island Bermond of Marseille has a Germanic origin berthmund, resulting from the root berhaut famous, brilliant and mund which means protection. This island belongs to the Bermond family. It is attached to the islets of Tiboulen du Frioul is an islet of 30 meters high, west of the archipelago of Frioul, in the harbor of Marseille. Called for a time the islet of the pirates, it was often considered as a strategic place of the Phocaean city. Bermond Island was given by Saint Louis confiscating Sommières from the Bermond family which became property of the Crown because Sommières was at the time the first important stronghold upstream from Aigues-Mortes, and therefore necessary for the protection of the future port towards the interior. The large Bermond tower, which still dominates the city, testifies to the importance of the fortifications. Is it by concern of conciliation... Saint Louis compensated Bermond-Sommières with the small seigneury of Caylar, in the diocese of Lodève, and left them the tiny island of Bermond opposite Marseille (île Bermond).


We all deserve Love with a capital A, compromise is not possible. We believe that the world is changing radically and that it will go through a period of extreme nonsense. We believe that the notion of meaning is compromised in a world where the notion of reality becomes complex to determine. We think that it is necessary to disregard the past to build the future. However, we think that the past unfortunately imposes an almost identical governance scheme since the dawn of time. We think that the freedom of a people, of a nation can develop if each one is ready to free himself from his shackles, from his past and from the habits and customs. We think that Love is the basis of communication and therefore without love it will be very complicated to bargain. We think that humor will be essential to serenely switch to the new. We think that it will be necessary to have oxygen reserves, life, creativity, and that this type of island is a breathing space. We think that the places will be imperative as indispensable havens of peace.

Capitalism end point

The long-foreseen moment has arrived when capitalism is on the point of seeing its development arrested by impassable barriers. In whatever way we interpret the phenomenon of accumulation, it is clear that capitalism stands essentially for economic expansion and that capitalist expansion has now nearly reached the point where it will be halted by the actual limits of the earth's surface.


Monanarchy is a system based on the fundamentals of anarchy but is represented by queens and kings. All having a role of strategist or animator. Each year there is the number of king and queen corresponding to the last 2 digits of the millennium, that is in 2023 there are 23 queens and 23 kings. Each year we will renew randomly 50% of the thrones.

The property separates in 2, a real property and a virtual property. All the virtual properties are available, you just have to claim them and show a virtual legitimacy. Everyone has the right to his island, everyone can claim his territory, his nation.

The queens and kings manage, animate the community and the current affairs with a council of representation

Justice is in the hands of the citizens and has a right of review over the kings and queens.

The society can be improved by referendums, these referendums would allow any citizen to:

  • propose laws
  • request the repeal of a law
  • remove elected officials from office, i.e. to ask for the departure of a politician during his or her term of office
  • modify the Constitution
  • approve or not approve treaties.

Monanarchy is free if and only if its existence guarantees the following freedoms and the demonstration that one is alive:

  • the freedom to criticize
  • the freedom to build
  • the freedom to respect
  • the freedom to live
  • the freedom to be oneself
  • the freedom to love
  • the freedom to choose one's family
  • freedom to be in relationship with the world


The official cuisine of the island is based on 2 regions, the franche comté and Provence. In three words "cancoillotte, saucisse de morteau, bouillabaisse"

The Franc-Comtoise cuisine is a traditional regional cuisine, which combines various products of Franche-Comté (Doubs and Haut-Doubs, western Jura, southern Vosges, Saône plain, Bresse jurassienne and Pays dolois) mainly composed of cheeses and cured and smoked meats, coming from Comtois breeding, and wines from the Jura vineyard, with for products of predilection the Comté, the yellow wine, and the morels

The cuisine of Provence smells of sun and sea products. In love with this regional gastronomy, Régal proposes you its selection in which you will be able to pick the Provençal recipe of your choice. As previously mentioned, the cuisine of Provence sublimates the products of the sea: pissaladière with anchovies, sardines with escabeche, bouillabaisse, filet of red mullet with virgin sauce and tapenade


The blues represent the sea, the sky, the horizon and the warmth of the Mediterranean. The illustration of the islands with a thin white line reveals the purity of the place. The triangle recalls decentralisation. And the bear paste represents the family's arms and origins.


Piano is a flagship discipline on Bermond Island. We will teach you to improvise in order to experience moments of freedom.

Law and order

Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. Family and Frienship are under all the law. Music is the common language.


We have no army and no weapons at this time, nevertheless we have instruments, love and happy hackers band.

Foreign relations

We have a natural relationship with république libre du Frioul,[5] France, Switzerland, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia, Marocco...

Micronations and DAO Fest

Path to a new civilization: Anything we can't do in the real world, we'll do in the virtual world. And the virtual will end up being real.

Virtual kingdom, abandoned island, squat, creation of a place called "lieu dit", oil platform, artistic gesture or simply a desire for freedom without measure. Micronations are, it seems to me, a model of compensation in a society that has always felt cramped, even confined.

Whether an artistic, local or, above all, political gesture, a micronation is a territorial or extra-territorial entity created, initially, by a small number of people, which claims the status of an independent nation or has some of the characteristics of one, but is in no way recognized as such by official nations or transnational organizations.

Marseille is home to a number of micronation projects, the best known being the Free Republic of Frioul (to promote cultural and artistic investment on the Frioul islands), the Miroir Ombrière micronation (an ephemeral micronation on the theme of attention), and more recently the Bermond islands (to prototype utopias that may be the answers to tomorrow's world).

Today, these micronations could be living in their heyday thanks to the development of virtual worlds, the famous metaverses, and especially DAOs (entirely decentralized organizations).

Marseille has always had a reputation as a free, rebellious and creative city. Marseille is indomitable, atypical but also tolerant, and was lucky enough to welcome the first free republic of Friuli, an enthusiastic micronation based on respect. The aim of this mini-festival is to celebrate this energy of freedom.

Date and venue: June 15, 5-10pm, Marseille[6]

Present to the Festival, Liberland and République libre du Frioul

DAO des îles Bermond

DAO des îles Bermond is the project of governance of the Bermond Island micronation. A DAO is a collectively-owned, blockchain-governed organization working towards a shared mission. DAOs allow us to work with like-minded folks around the globe without trusting a benevolent leader to manage the funds or operations. There is no CEO who can spend funds on a whim or CFO who can manipulate the books. Instead, blockchain-based rules baked into the code define how the organization works and how funds are spent.[2]


We envision a real-time experience of running an organization, bringing communities together to experience and pass on a new governance model so that this organization can autonomously co-construct new events.

Our vision is to build a future where events are organized in a decentralized way and where governance is entrusted to the community. We believe that the use of blockchain technology and DAOs can help create more equitable, transparent and sustainable events. We hope to inspire other organizations to take a similar approach to creating their events as we have.


We are setting up a community-governed project and cash management technology. This solution allows to have new structures (events) audited, validated and promoted by this decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The mission is to define the objectives and the governance model and develop the corresponding smart contract. Then we will recruit the community to develop rules and decision making processes.

Reason for being 

First of all, a real will to make Marseille move. Then to promote and participate in the emergence of a neo-entrepreneurship managed by new organizations.


Dare : We believe in taking creative risks and exploring new ideas to create the organizations of tomorrow

Allow: We believe in giving ourselves permission to express ourselves freely, to engage in creative activities and to live fully in the moment.

Entrepreneurship: We believe in entrepreneurship in all its forms to reinvent the world tomorrow.

Transmit: We believe in transmitting knowledge, skills and experiences to support learning, empowerment and personal growth. We value sharing and collaboration to strengthen the bonds between community members.

Freedom: We believe in freedom of expression, creativity and choice.

Transparency: We believe in transparency in decision making and governance processes.

Educate: We believe in imparting knowledge and skills to help children become responsible, autonomous and creative citizens.

NFT program

First paint of the B.ermond Island[7] We work on NFT Passeport.


We are closed to 50 peoples working on building a new nation. Feel free to contact us OnBoarding to Bermond Island


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