R. Benson

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R. Benson
Former Kaiger of Argentoria
Predecessor Office established
Ausverian Minister of Economics
Predecessor None
Personal information
Born 18 July 2003 (2003-07-18) (age 18)
Citizenship Ausveria
Nationality Ausverian
Political party Ausverian Fatherland Party
Residence Presland, Ausveria
Religion Catholic
Military service
Allegiance Ausveria
Rank General of the Ausverian Volksarmee

Benson I was the Prince of Argentoria, with a current citizenship in Ausveria.

Personal Life

Benson was born on July 18, 2003, in Sarasota, Florida.


Benson is a High-School Graduate. During all four years of High School, Benson participated in JROTC, reaching the rank of First Lieutenant.


Benson was initially raised Catholic, but eventually was raised as a Protestant. When he started adopting traditionalism, he became atheist/agnostic after finding modern churches distasteful. Eventually, Benson was hit with a sudden interest in religion again and is now a practicing Catholic.

Micronational Career

Argentoria and Proto-Argentoria

While in High School, Junior Year, a friend reached out to Benson and invited him to his "Republic". Benson accepted and quickly rose through the ranks of the Republic, becoming Prime Minister easily. During Homecoming Elections, Benson asked the then-dictator (who still had power over the Prime Minister) if he could be a Monarch if he won Homecoming Prince. This request was accepted, and Benson won the election in a Trump-like fashion, with one school day on the week before voting including a mass of 50+ students wearing "Benson" t-shirts. After the Monarchy was established, Benson managed to gain even more influence in the government, being the main workhorse of the government. He organized everything, from military planning to economic goals. Eventually, Benson got the name changed from "The Republic" to the "Silvercoast Republic". It was around this time in which he established a secret police, which planned on monitoring the dictator and further expanding Benson's power. While the force of the Secret Police was never used, it put even more pressure on the dictator. This was when Benson transformed the Silvercoast Republic into Argentoria. Benson was de-facto dictator of Argentoria at this point, with the new Constitution he wrote limiting his friend's power to a weak Judicial one. During the early rise of Argentoria, Benson coined the Argentorian Mark, grew the military, and developed the culture of the nation and started to conduct diplomacy. During the Tungsten Pact-MACP War, Benson introduced Conscription and War Propaganda. Though irrelevant in the long-run, Benson was able to use an event that was largely irrelevant to spark patriotism and military growth. After the war ended at a standstill (due to massive distance between combatant borders) Benson eventually became accquinted with Fredrick M. of Ausveria, later creating an alliance in Argentoria's later days. After Benson disbanded Argentoria, he became a citizen of Ausveria and currently serves as Minister of Economics and Labor for the Ausplann, the Ausverian Economic Planning agency, as well as a General in the Ausverian Volksarmee.

During the period of "The Republic" in late 2019, Benson became even more interested in micronations when he saw several youtube videos on Microcon and Molossia. Since then, he has been involved with the community and several groups associated with micronationalism.


Benson currently works as Minister of Economics and Labor in Ausveria, and serves in the AVA leading the Legio Desertum. Benson also serves as the Reichskommissar of Reichskommissariat Presland.

Military Career

The Republic

In the Army of the Republic, Benson was General, the Second-Highest Rank. He led the conflict between The Republic and its rival "nation", Bubland, which was made as a parody to the Republic by other JROTC cadets. This conflict broke out a few days before a campout, in which Bubland and the Republic's camps bordered each other. Benson spoke to the leaders of Bubland, insisting that chemical weaponry was posessed by Republic Forces. He demonstrated that he had a can of AXE, which could easily be rigged to continue spraying even after being released to flood a tent with an unbearable scent. While it was never used, a Bubland citizen that was at the camp reported that someone had sprayed Raid insecticide in his tent, accusing Benson of the deed. This was indeed untrue, as The Republic only posessed AXE. The Republic would later become inactive a few months later, making the Army incapable of another operation until The Republic was transformed into the Silvercoast Republic.

Silvercoast Republic

During this period, many of the former Republic soldiers had quit and Benson had no troops to command. Instead, he focused on new recruitment toward paramilitary groups in the government. At this point, the rival Bubland was long dead and the only enemies of the State would be on the inside.


At the beginning of the transition to Argentoria, Benson brought back the military with new recruits and new equipment. By now, Benson had gained valuable leadership skills from JROTC that could help him lead this better army. One of the first things the Argentorian Army did was construct firework launchers, which fired bottle rockets. They were not meant to cause any damage, but rather to look impressive and psychollogically impact opponents. However, Firework Launcher experiments led to the July 13th Incident, and Benson kept the primary launcher in reserve. Later, the Supreme Judge of Argentoria would construct another launcher in which Benson came to assist with testing. The tests were successful, but the new firework launcher was not used and put in reserve as well. In the later days of Argentoria, Benson would lead expeditions of the APH into several Parks to go hiking, mainly for fun, but partly for training. This practice would continue regularly until Argentoria's decline in which every member of the APH was too busy to go out and Benson was also occupied.


Benson is a general in the Ausverian Volksarmee. He leads the Legio Desertum.


Benson believes in Falangism and practices Catholicism. He actively practices traditionalism and advocated for a revival of Classic American culture.