Bennett Copp

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His Eminence

Bennett Copp

Bennett (2021)
1st High-Prime-Minister
In office
1 Jan 2020 – Feb 1 2021
Preceded byQueen Emma Of Cansdia
1st Governor of Vincel
Assumed office
1 Jan 2020
Preceded byOffice established
Member of the Congress of Peace
In office
17 January 2017 – 2018
Preceded byOffice established
Member of the Vincel Republic Congress
In office
3 December 2015 – 2016
Preceded byOffice established
1st,4th, and 6th President of Vancover
In office
27 Jan 2021 – Feb 1 2021
Preceded byXew dk
Succeeded byXej dje
Personal details

Bennett Copp

Bennett Copp is the current High-Prime-Minister with the 2021 election coming up he has decided not to run again for High-Prime-Minister but to run for Low-Prime-Minister (The Second in Command). Bennett was the leader of the of the revolution against the Peace government and that lead to him being elected first High-Prime-Minister. Bennett currently is the leader of the Colonial Party and is Running for Low-Prime-Minister in 2021.

Bennett served as the first High-Prime-Minister of Cansdia and Governor of Vincel. He says he will also help make country's rethink there age limit on voting and holding Public office. It is ambition to have a house in Canada.

Bennett Copp

Army Service

Bennett served in the Cansdia-Peace (2015-2016) Army in the revolutionary war and served as the commander of the Mingalos Nation army in the Cansdia Civil War and fought in the Chance Wars to.

Bennett's Agenda

Bennett's position on the political compass.

Bennett is a member of the Colonial Party in Cansdia and is a supporter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Black Lives Matter. He is also founder of All Lives Matter.

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