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Belslavonia Telecomunication Agency pvt ltd ag.
Founded01 August 2020
Key people
Victorio Isaacovitsch Isaac (CEO)
Revenue 10 (2020)
ParentBelslavonian Telecom (50%), Sberbank Banka Belslavonii (15%), BELSLAVONIA REPUBLIC (25%), Viktor Lebedev (5%), Sergei Vitalijovich Lukashov (5%), EASTSLAVONIA REPUBLIC (10%)

Belslavonia Telecommunication Agency pvt ltd ag. (or BeTA for short) is a Belslavonian mobile network operator, that hosts 5 VOiP (SIP) providers. On 1 September 2020, the company was able to show the capabilities of the networks. The BeTA hosts a Nanostation system for other homes to receive their internet. The operator plans to commercially operate LTE network by the end of 2035.

The company operates a countrywide network covering 100% of the population and 300 active numbers and is by far the only and the most successful telecommunication company in Belslavonia.

In the capital of Belslavonia, Belmponan has its own IP Virtual Operator running on Tele2 called Metropola+.

The company of Vodacom as first providing digital TV, extra phone line for free and a high-speed internet connection with 50 Mbit/s download and 10 Mbit/s upload. There is possibility of an upgrade to a Flybox with speeds up to 1 GB/s download and 100 MB/s upload. The static technology is aesthetically similar to Orange France livebox, but the software and hardware part looks like O2's Domaci Internet, is called "MyTeleoff Doma" (MyTelecom Home) in Belslavonia.

Company's slogans: Budúcnosť je jasná (The future's bright), Plus čtyri devátky, čtyri čtvorky (+99994444)

Technologies: GSM, VOiP a SIP.

(Internal) Prefixes: +2100; +2101; +2108; +9963; +9964; +9966; +9967; +2108; +9999; +095945

The company (BETA) owns these full time operators/carriers: Tele2, Virgin Mobile, MTS, Beeline and Vodacom also known as BetaVoda. Virtual Operators are Metropola+, Digitall (DigiTalk) and Skylink AB+.


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