Belgican Empire

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The Belgican Empire
Belgican flag
Coat of Arms of Belgica
Coat of arms
Motto: Ubi bene ibi patria
Anthem: The Joyfull sound of Belgica
and largest city
Official languagesFlemish & Fesmarian
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Emperor
Jules Vierstraete
• King of De Dijle
Mats Baumans
• Prince of Anaveronia
David Ainsworth
LegislatureCrown council
Establishment27 May 2019
• Census
CurrencyEuro & Belgican Frank
Time zone(CET)

Belgica, officially known as the Belgican Empire, is a self-declared sovereign Empire situated within the country of Belgium and the geographical region of Cornwall. The Belgican Empire declared independence from the 2nd Fesmarian Empire on 27 May 2019, as the Kingdom of Belgica. The Belgican Empire is composed of 3 states, Groot-Brabant, De Dijle and Anaveronia. The capital city of the Belgican Empire, Kjorbergen, is located in the Groot Brabantian province of Veldonk

The Belgican Empire became an Empire after Mats Baumans abdicated in favor of Jules Vierstraete on 10 April 2020, Mats proposed a plan to split The Kingdom of Belgica into two states united by a union, Jules agreed and the Kingdom of Belgica was split and two new kingdoms were born, Groot-Brabant and De Dijle

Belgica is a constitutional monarchy, all of the states inside the Empire are a constitutional monarchy as well, Currently, the reigning Empire is Jules I of the Vierstraete dynasty, he is also the King of Groot-Brabant, he ascended to the throne of both The Belgican Empire and The Kingdom of Groot-Brabant on the 10th of April 2020. The legislature of Belgica is unicameral, with the Crown council, led by the King of De Dijle to aid the Emperor, Jules Vierstraete. The crown council has focused on implementing human rights[1] inside Belgica such as LGBT rights and Freedom of speech.

The ruling dynasties invests a lot of time in the cultural sector, for example, the dynasty pushed for Fesmarian states and other parts of the Belgican realm to create a universal language to promote unity, and it also made the Belgican Empire join the MisCal 2020 Olympics, but sadly this never went through.


The name Belgica is derived from the name that was given to the region that nowadays is named Belgium

The Belgican states

The Empire of Belgica was named after the first Kingdom, it was created after the Kingdom of Belgica split into the two Kingdoms, those Kingdoms are called Groot-Brabant and De Dijle.


The Kingdom of Groot-Brabant, lead by Jules Vierstraete, is composed of 1 province and one crown dependency. The capital city of Groot-Brabant, Kjorbergen, which is also the capital of the Empire, is located in the Groot Brabantian province of Veldonk

De Dijle

The Kingdom of De Dijle, lead by Mats Baumans, is composed of 3 provinces and one city state.


The principality of Anaveronia, lead by David Ainsworth

The dynasties

There currently are three dynasties inside the Belgican Empire, namely the Vierstraete dynasty, Baumans dynasty and the Ainsworth dynasty

The Vierstraete dynasty rules from Groot-Brabant, the dynasty gained control over the Empire after Mats Baumans abdicated in favour of Jules Vierstraete.

The Baumans Dynasty rules from De Dijle, the dynasty has lead Belgica since its founding, after the abdication the dynasty lost control over a large portion of Belgica, since then it has controlled the Kingdom that is known as the Kingdom of De Dijle.

The Ainsworth Dynasty is an important family inside the principality of Anaveronia, while it is no longer has the power that it used to have it has retained a lot of influence and control inside the principality , they were on of the 3 families that ruled the 2nd Fesmarian Empire.


The foundations of the Empire was founded on 27 May 2019 by current King, Jules I, as the Kingdom of Belgica. Before this the region was called Kjorbergen and was a principality in the Second Fesmarian Empire.


The Kingdom of Belgica was established in March 2019 as the town of Kjorbergen by Crown Prince Mats and King Jules as a Colony of Fesmar. This era, known as the Pre-prosperity era, is one of the parts of our history which we do not look at with much pleasure due to the government being semi-simulationist and spontaneous which led to some conflicts.

The flag of Belgica when it declared independence from Fesmar

The First Kingdom

The first Kingdom was called Belgica and was started by Jules Vierstraete and Mats Baumans

The Kingdom of Belgica was officially established on 27 May 2019 by reigning monarch Jules I. A declaration of independence was officially drafted on the 1st of June which outlined which territories were to be kept and which territories were to be given back to Fesmar and what type of executive and legislative governing body would run the kingdom. The First Nation to reach out to the kingdom was Misberia, and later on, Aspen contacted the government as well. The aftermath of Belgica leaving Fesmar was dreadful for Fesmar due to Fesmar relying on the kingdom for most of its citizens, this is why 2 weeks after the kingdom declared independence the Fesmarian queen Morwenna decided to try and reincorporate the kingdom into her own Kingdom to reestablish her Empire, this however ended badly for her as he underestimated the support his previous provinces got from the micro community, she decided to back down as he saw that she couldnt achieve her goals. After this Fesmar still remained hostile towards Belgica for a long period. The king of Belgica, Jules, transfered his title of King to the former governor of the Belgican lands one month later due to personal reasons. Throughout the early days of the kingdom, many of the people who became citizens were opposed to Fesmar or had some type of conflict with its leader, Morwenna Fydtroust, as well as some personal friends of Mats and Jules. In early November, the first constitution was approved, this document was heavily inspired by the Constitution of Aspen and Belgium, however, some changes were done to suit the political situation in the Kingdom. On August the 16th, a few months after the first conflicts between Fesmar and Belgica emerged, diplomatic talks happened between Fesmar and Belgica, these talks were held between Archie(emissary of Fesmar) and Jules(emissary of Belgica) these talks went well until Mats, King of Belgica, insulted the queen of Fesmar saying she was a unkind dictator and should be ousted from her position as queen.

Joining the commonwealth of Misberia

In the month of February 2020 Groot-Brabant joined the United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum, The Misberian Government helped Belgica a lot with improving the designs of the Belgican symbols, the flag, and Coat of arms, everything that the Misberian Government gifted us is still used today. Sadly the cooperation could not last as long as both sides wish it could have because due to Archie abdicating on 8 March 2020 and Misberia dissolving the monarchy the Belgican government decided to leave the commonwealth, the relations between the two nations still remained as it was before up until a minor personal conflict happened between Archie and Mats and both sides stopped recognizing each other.

A new start

After this, the king decided to focus on improving the kingdom of Belgica and the territories as a whole due to the dissatisfaction of some citizens about the situation in the Kingdom. The King ordered meetings of the Crown council to be held every day for an entire week, during which they discussed how to root out the factors which were decreasing the stability of the country. They came up with a plan called Belgica 2020, which created the second kingdom of De Dijle and a new Empire called Belgica, which improved the political situation and Economical situation of Belgica.

The new Kingdoms and the Empire

The Kingdom of Groot-Brabant and The Kingdom of De Dijle were established on 11 November 2020, but the official date for both still remained 27 May 2019. With the two being established a new Empire was created as well, this Empire was called The Belgican Empire to honor the first Kingdom. The Empire of Belgica got much criticism from the Fesmarian nations calling it illegitimate, this was due to the Fesmarians believing no succesor state of the 2nd Fesmarian Empire could establish an Empire besides a new Fesmarian Empire.

After this criticism, The Belgican Empire decided to temporarily cut all ties with the Fesmarian nations until they improved, during the time that the ties were cut The Belgican Empire reached out to a lot of micronations in order to establish relations, a few examples of these nations were Aspen and Misberia.

Government and politics


The monarch of Belgica is the Emperor of Empire, whoever controls the Kingdom of Groot-Brabant can be crowned Emperor of Belgica. The current ruler of Groot-Brabant is Jules Vierstraete, following the splitting of the Belgican kingdom after Mats Baumans abdicated, Jules was granted the region that is now called the Kingdom of Groot-Brabant. The monarchs inside the Empire have the final say in all government matters, and can also issue royal decrees. Royal decrees are mostly used to establish grant honors, create orders, make laws, and to create titles. The monarch leads the Crown council, the council helps the monarch rule and administer the Empire.

The Crown council

The Crown council is a unicameral house, consisting of five seats. The Crown council was sworn in on 20 April 2020, under Prime Minister Chris Ramsay. All members of the council are chosen by the monarch. The council has the power to pass laws, and to introduce laws to the Empire. The council is currently the only legislative body in the Kingdom of Groot-Brabant.


The Belgican populace and territory is primarily located in the town of Keerbergen and Tremelo, The total area of the Belgican Empire is approximately 56.75 hectares or 0.5675 square kilometers. The Belgican Empire is situated in the Beautiful region of Vlaams-Brabant, the region that the kingdom is located in is also called the Hageland. This location presents a variety of unique opportunities for commerce and agriculture as it is close to rivers but also in a short driving distance of big towns.

The Belgican Empire is located near many old landmarks that have been there for hundreds of years and near magnificent landscapes, including the Hageland and the lake of Keerbergen which at first was an airport created by the Germans who were stationed there, as well as the K-W Line which served as a defensive line against invaders during World War 2. Also near Groot-Brabant is an old luxurious hotel called Le Grand Veneur, it served as a headquarters for both the Germans and the Americans in the region during WW2, after the war numerous important persons signed in the hotel like Queen Elisabeth of Belgium and Mutara III of Rwanda.


Belgica's economy is heavily based on agriculture and construction materials with primary goods produced in Belgica being: Tomatoes, Lettuce, Peaches, Bricks, Lumber and Firewood, the latter of which is regularly given away free of charge by the nobility.

The Armed Forces of the Empire

The Belgican society is heavily militarized, this is due to the Upper nobility finding it very significant to have a strong defence army to protect its borders owing to the external threats it has faced in the past.

The Imperial Armory

Due to the governments prioritizing the ministry of Defence over other ministries, it has, over time, established a sizeable armory containing numerous rifles, pistols and shotguns The Ministry of Defence has used this armory to equip every section of the Imperial army accordingly to its function and needs

The Three Armies

There are currently three different armies inside the Belgican Empire, the Groot Brabantian Royal army, the Dijlean Royal army and the Anaveronian princely army. All three are part of one greater army, the Belgican Imperial army.

Groot Brabantian Army

The Groot Brabantian Royal Army's main purpose is to serve as guards for the nobility and has been used to help law enforcement in the past, it is split into two larger and one small platoon, the two platoons are stationed in De Dijle and Groot Brabant whilst the smallest platoon is situated in the Empire's Cornish territories.

The Dijlean Army

The Dijlean Royal Army, being the best equipped section has the task to defend the Empire, in the past, the army has conducted numerous operations of peacekeeping and intervening in conflicts among its neighbours such as in Fesmar during 2019 and 2020 and bolloheide in 2019.

The Anaveronian Princely Army

The Anaveronian Princely Army's main goal is to protect the territories of Anaveronia against any possible Fesmarian attacks, it has on various occasions in the past clashed with Fesmarian Armies whilst being both on the offense and defense.

Foreign Relations


Bilateral Relations

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